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Lena Headey Hits Co-Stars In The Nuts (Accidentally)

During shooting for the upcoming film 300: Rise of an Empire, Game of Thrones star Lena Headey was forced to sheathe her plastic sword after accidentally hitting her co-stars below the belt. “They teach you very basic moves,” Headey told Access Hollywood, “so you get these two big sticks like you’re a 4-year-old boy and then, if you don’t hurt …

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Lena Headey Talks Injuries On Set Of “300: Rise Of An Empire”

“300” was a blockbuster when it debuted in 2006, giving us action with a cinematic beauty not often found in those types of films. The soundtrack was a hit, as well, and the movie cemented Zack Snyder’s place in Hollywood as we all wanted to see what he would do next. Now, he’s written a sequel that shows us what …

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