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TiVo Subscription Base Exceeds 3 Million

TiVo announced that as of January 31, 2005, its subscription base exceeded 3 million.

Motorola Unveils 3 New Mobile Phone Units

Showcasing the company’s Seamless Mobility solutions, yesterday, Motorola debuted three mobile units at 3GSM, two of which received “Best of” honors.

Sales and Marketing Strategies for Era 3

How To Leverage Value To Win-And Keep-Profitable Customers.

Dollar Reaches Highest in 3 Months

The dollar reached its highest in three months against the euro after Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan indicated that there may be improvemnt in the U.S. economy.

Search Engine Strategies New York

You’ve got less than a month to sign-up for Search Engine Strategies New York Feb 28 – March 3.

Oil Prices Lowest in Nearly 3 Weeks

Ater successful elections in Iraq and OPEC deciding not to change production targets, oil prices fell to their lowest in nearly 3 weeks.

Cleaning Up Your Marketing

Has your once well-organized marketing plan come to resemble the jumble of stuff in your closet (not to mention the garage and the attic)? If you are like most people, each time you come across a new marketing idea you try to adopt it and add it to your existing approach.

3 Overlooked Ways to Get Hundreds of Links and Prospects to Your Blog

Did you know that there are free ways that you can get links back to your blog overnight? That after a few days they can number in the hundreds?

Delta Loses Billions and Billions

Well, it’s actually just $2.2 billion. But, that’s just for a 3 month period ending December 31st. What is going on with Delta …

Level 3 Realigns Resources

Level 3 is cutting 10 percent of its workforce, possibly up to 600 jobs, in an effort to remove resources from its weaker areas.

Developing a Login System with PHP and MySQL

Most interactive websites nowadays would require a user to log in into the website’s system in order to provide a customized experience for the user. Once the user has logged in, the website will be able to provide a presentation that is tailored to the user’s preferences.

Blogs Moving To The Front Pew

Two surveys by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, indicate that, “by the end of 2004 blogs had established themselves as a key part of online culture”.

3 Buying Obstacles You Must Overcome

Do you know how may sales you lose from customers who almost buy from you? Losing “almost customers” is a major source of lost income for most businesses. But few are aware of the problem and even fewer employ a strategy to prevent this unnecessary loss of income.

More About Web Hosting Differences – 3 of 3

Over the past two articles, I have done my best to try to go in further detail about the differences in the Web hosting world. We have gone into further discussion about both virtual Web hosting and reseller Web hosting and I hope you have been able to pick up a few nuggets of knowledge along the way. Now is the time to start talking about the big daddy of the Web hosting accounts, your buddy and mine, Mister dedicated Web hosting.

More About Web Hosting Differences – 2 of 3

In the last article,I told you of the exciting world of virtual Web hosting. After all the thankful E-mails and pumpkin pie recipes I received, I do not know if I can top myself. Honestly the world of Web hosting is not that confusing to learn about.

More About Web Hosting Differences – 1 of 3

A few Gnomies have been writing me ever since I posted my article about differences in the Web hosting world as it relates to the different plan options you have to choose from. Here’s one of those messages:

24/7 Real Media’s Agreements with 3 Major News Sites

Three major news Web sites have initiated agreements to use 24/7 Real Media’s analytics and ad serving solutions.

3 Proven Online Ventures

Today is your lucky day. Because I’m going to show you 3 proven money-makers online. Each of these 3 easy-to-start schemes are proven and backed up by tens of successful stories. What these strategies have in common is they will require zero or next to zero investment of your hard-earned money, except, of course, for Internet connection or electricity.

3 Ways to Guarantee Your Service Gets A Passing Grade!

Have you ever been a lost customer? I mean a “real customer” who was left behind, left alone, feeling like you were taken for granted?

Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

Installment 1

Developing State-enabled Applications With PHP

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website – Step 3: Site Structure

Welcome to part three in this search engine positioning series. In the last article we discussed the importance and considerations that much be made while creating the content that will provide the highest ROI for your optimization efforts. In part three we will discuss the importance of site structure.