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The 3 C’s of Getting Your Foot in the Door of a Prospect

Are you frustrated with cold calling because of all the rejection, phones slammed in your ear and being told to never call again?

Bank of America Spends $3 Billion on Stake in CCB

Bank of America is purchasing a 9% stake in China Construction Bank (CCB) for $3 billion, plus the option of increasing its stake in later years.

Top 3 Explosive New Ways to Power-Boost Your Commission Earnings in 2005

Voted #1. Earn income from all your online purchases by using an “Affiliate Commission Exchange”.

IBM Busts Open The Cell

The high-profile heart of the forthcoming PlayStation 3 will have key details disclosed in Barcelona today.

Sell on Search

As you can see from the screen shot at left. One of my posts is, as of this writing, #3 on Google for Kensington Locks. What’s worse, it’s about their recent crisis.

3 Copywriting Tips – How To Edit For Mass Appeal!

Web copy that’s intended to sell or generate leads needs to quickly reach out and grab attention and build rapport with a target audience. You can connect with your audience more effectively if you understand something about how people process information, and how they think.

The Next Generation Of Start.com

Microsoft has released the next version of its RSS aggregator at Start.com. They had said that the new version would be …

Marketing Rapport – 3 Tips!

Establishing & maintaining rapport with your online audience is perhaps the single most important ingredient in marketing online. Actually in marketing period, but even more so online because of the lack of personal contact. Rapport is at the core of selling, always has been, always will be.

Make Your Business More Profitable

More sales and more profit. Isn’t that what you want from your business? It’s not hard to achieve if you follow these 4 simple tips.

Blogebrity – Creating Blogging Buzz in 3 Easy Lists

I’ve been watchign the Blogebrity Blog with interest this week – it’s been quite an amusing read and a great example of how a blog can get some big inbound links and a lot of buzz from the blogosphere with a little controversy, humor and by listing some big blogs as A-List Blogs…

Sony PlayStation 3 Ready To Rock

The next-generation gaming console from market leader Sony has been scheduled for a spring 2006 release.

Google Toolbar 3 Leaves Beta

Google has taken its latest toolbar out of beta. This version, the third, is best knows for the much-maligned AutoLink feature, which changes third-party text to links.

BlackBerry Legions Grow To 3 Million

Research In Motion sees an increase in its base of wireless e-mail users from just six months ago.

Consumer See Gas Prices Drop 3 Cents

Some parts of the country see prices at the pump below two dollars a gallon for the first time in months.

Office Depot Sales Up 3% From Last Year

Office Depot reported sales of $3.7 billion for its fiscal first quarter ended March 26, 2005, up 3% over fiscal first quarter 2004.

Google’s Top 3 To Earn $1 A Year

Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt and Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have decided to take pay cuts to $1 a year.

The VC No and the Entrepreneur Yes

Bill Burnham has a great series (1, 2 & 3) on the Art of the VC No. Saying No is their business (from thousands of business plans to a handful of investments), and Bill explains how it’s hard to say No, common ways of doing it and his reasonable approach.

French Version of Google Toolbar 3
· 1

Today, Google released a new version of the Google Toolbar. This free browser tool now checks spelling, enables users to translate English text into 8 other languages.

3 years of Gap Results

Gap announced the final fourth quarter and full year 2004 financial results, and is restating its full year 2002 and full year 2003 financial results.

Nokia Debuts 3 New Mobile Units

With eyes on mid-level quality, today Nokia introduced 3 new mobile phone units, bringing multimedia and Nokia’s excellent track record with usability to consumers without the big-ticket price.

Search Engine Strategies NYC – February 28-March 3

Search Engine Strategies is next Monday… you needed a reminder, didn’t you … As the show is being held in New York, the theme is going to focus a little more on the “marketing” aspects of SEM …