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Google, Marry Me

I’ve decided to take the plunge and ask Google to marry me. If we ever divorce it will be very painful to extract myself from all the connnections and tie-ins and find replacement services and tools. I know, I know – most will say I’m doing it for the money. I can’t deny that the Adsense check every month is nice, but it’s not just the money that has me head over heals in love. It’s being connected on a deep soul satisfying level.

Marketing: Content, Context, Community

In a previous article I talked about the 3 C’s of Marketing as explained at John Jantsch’s Duct Tape

Adobe Launches Creative Suite 3
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Adobe Systems has launched their Adobe Creative Suite 3 product line, the company’s largest software release in their 25-year history. The product line offers integrated design and development tools for graphic artists and web designers.

Creative Suite 3 brings together Adobe and Macromedia products that will give designers and developers a number of options for print, Web, mobile interactive, film and video production.

YouTube Wars Enter Stage 3
It’s official, we are definitely in the middle of a massive multi-industry war on the level of the RIAA/filesharing and other major technology wars of recent memory. Today, the war entered its third major stage, with many of the opposition joining forces to announce a YouTube competitor, coming this summer.

The chronology:

Digg Burying Stories from Unbanned Domains

As you may know, digg recently unbanned a lot of domains, and www.mapelli.info was amongst them.

They claimed they have improved their algorithm to easily detect spammy content, and that there’s no need to ban domains now.

Adwords Editor Version 3

Google have now released Adwords Editor version 3. I am a little suprised the Inside Adwords blog does not accounce these new releases straight away so everyone can update.

So whats new with version 3?

Pay $3 And Keep A Cheap Fare

Farecast has dropped the price of its new Fare Guard service from $9.95 to $3, but the change only lasts until February 1st.

TechCrunch UK – Filling the Void

It’s nearly a week since Le Web 3 in Paris and it’s still hard to find any meaningful commentary about the event that isn’t overshadowed by talk about the political hijacking of the two-day conference.

Le Web 3: A Tragedy?

An extraordinary event took place in Paris this week, one that I was due to be part of as a presenter but could not make it.

Socialtext Unplugged

Today at Le Web 3 in Paris we launched Socialtext Unplugged, the offline wiki.

SES Day 3 Ends on Surprise Note

I’ve arrived home from Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2006. We snuck out of the hotel at 8:20 am while it was still quiet and empty of the hordes of people from what appeared to be two conferences going on there.

Le Web 3 sold out

Just over a week to go until Le Web 3 kicks off in Paris.

Google Adds 3 New Features to Page Creator

Google has added 3 new features to their Google Page Creator. They are image editing, multiple sites and pages for mobile. The image-editing feature allows users to customize their photos.

Win Yourself A Link and a Coconut – Contest Linkbaiting

I just want to take a second and pass along one of the coolest linkbait ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

Hobson’s Upcoming Speaking Gigs and Conferences

There are some great learning and professional development events taking place in Europe during the next few weeks that you might want to consider being part of.

Click Fraud Down By 0.3 Percent

The industry average click fraud rate trickled slightly downward in the third quarter according to the Click Fraud Index from ClickForensics; rates for top tier providers like Google and Yahoo fell nearly one percent.

The Return Of Google Network Rumors

Fresh off of one takeover, Google finds itself the focus of another whispered rumor, this time involving broadband provider Level 3 Communications.

Best Broadband Service in the UK?

The day is looming for temporary online shutdown as I finalize preparations for our move back to the UK.

BlogHer Aftershocks Rumble Through Blogosphere

The aftershocks of BlogHer rumble through the blogosphere…the confidence, the insights, the diversity, (and even the vitriol and invective), 700++ voices from the individuals who were there, as well as the multitudes who followed the conference online.

Yahoo! Has A New Number: It’s 3

Yahoo! has teamed up with UK-based mobile phone provider 3 Group, making Yahoo! Web services like Search, Mobile Web, Messenger, Mail, and Go for Mobile available to 3’s 175 million worldwide subscribers.

Microsoft Releases IE 7 Beta 3

The next beta release of Internet Explorer 7 adds a few new updates and tweaks based on the feedback collected from users of the new browser.

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