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$3,000 Nissan: Affordable Car For Those Who Need It

A new car with a $3,000 price tag sounds too good to be true, but according to Nissan, it’s happening soon in what they call “emerging markets” and what calls “third world countries” and will mark the return of an old, familiar brand: Datsun. Although the car will initially be pushed in markets where new cars are an untouchable …

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Twitter Loves IPad 3, Rumor Roundup

Fanning the flames of IPad 3 rumors is Chinese Tech blog MIC gadget, who has constructed a partial IPad 3 using casing parts it has obtained from the supplier. This is basically the only hard physical evidence we have on the new iPad to be released on Wednesday. That does not seem to be stopping the rumor-mill, though. Bloggers, fans, …

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