$3,000 Nissan: Affordable Car For Those Who Need It

$3,000 Nissan: Affordable Car For Those Who Need It

By Amanda Crum October 2, 2012 | 34 Comments

A new car with a $3,000 price tag sounds too good to be true, but according to Nissan, it’s happening soon in what they call “emerging markets” and what Examiner.com calls “third world countries” and will mark the return of …

The Skype Phone

Skype, the internet phone service, is all about disruption.

3 Traits of Successful Blogs – Focus, Passion & Originality
Someone on LinkedIn just posed this question “How can one make Blogs more enjoyable or What is that you do to maintain the popularity/readership of your blog?“. Here are my thoughts on this, this may not be all that leads to a successful blog, but these are for me pretty essential ingredients: Focus, Passion, and Originality.

3 Social Networking Sites You May Not Know About
There’s a place for everyone on the Internet. Meeting other people just like you has never been easier and so ridiculously difficult at the same time. There are so many social networking websites that I feel like I’m standing in a corn field.

Three More

These sites are all attractive and ready for you to check them out.

Sony Busted Editing Halo 3 Wikipedia Entry

Virgil Griffith’s Wikiscannner has helped uncover some new naughtiness by Sony, this time involving Wikipedia and a forthcoming competitor’s game title.

SES – Lee’s Day 3 Wrap Up
Another great day is how I’d characterize day three of the San Jose Search Engine Strategies conference.

SES – Day 3 Wrap Up
I’m sitting in the last session, just having posted my incredibly week synopsis of what the speakers addressed. My BFF, with the hottest last name in SEO (Jennifer Laycock) is still telling her story. Maybe the Q & A will be better.

Facebook App Sells $3 Million
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An event sure to flood Facebook with new me-too applications, a three-month-old mapping app called "Where I’ve Been" was sold to Trip Advisor for $3 million, according to the blog InsideFacebook.

CarDomain Draws $3 Million In Funding

Have you ever seen a guy reach into his pocket, draw out a twenty-dollar bill, and celebrate “finding” this money?  Well, CarDomain.com pulled a similar move today, but on a rather grander scale – $3 million came out of founder Alex Algard’s pockets.

Will Googlers Cash Out and Get Out?
This August, it will be three years since Google’s initial public offering (and since I started this blog as a way to track the company). When that happens, according to NBC News, nearly 3 billion dollars in pre-IPO options will vest, with over 450 early Googlers earning an average of $6.5 million.

Adobe Integrated Runtime & Flex 3

Adobe Apollo is now AIR – Adobe Integrated Runtime and the easiest way to develop for AIR is Flex Builder 3 (beta). The Flex 3 SDK is also available on Adobe Labs with nightly builds as well as a public bugbase.

Making Your Blog Stickier

It’s been two weeks since we posted on improving your blog’s stickiness. Ready for the second dose?

Redfin Fined For Real Estate Blog

For an outfit like Google, $50,000 isn’t much – this is, after all, the corporation that bought a full-size SpaceShipOne replica for no apparent reason.  But for Redfin, a $50,000 loss is a show-stopper, and the real estate company shut down part of its “Sweet Digs” blog after being fined that amount.

Second Life on XBox Live?
During a recent Halo 3 event, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios – Shane Kim revealed that he has spent some time with the Linden Lab guys (developers of Second Life).

Google’s Love Affair with Wikipedia

Much has been said about Google algorithmic favoritism for Wikipedia. I was working on a project this weekend about celebrities, and wikipedia’s dominance in the SERP’s was nothing less than astounding.

3 Blog Mistakes to Avoid
As part of a blog optimization panel I participated in during a recent conference in Australia, I decided to forgo the bulleted list of blog plugins and recommendations that you typically see on such sessions in favor of something more personal.

SES – Day 3 Videos

I was able to do just two video interviews before my camera got dropped in a glass of water. I’ll have to explain that in another post.