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World Cup 2014: Who Is James Rodriguez?

Move over Messi! There’s a new football star rising courtesy of an outstanding World Cup performance. Meet James Rodriguez. The 22-year-old Colombian talent is gaining global recognition thanks in large part to his brilliant goals, well timed assists, and (of course) his adorable goal celebrations. The most wonderful thing about Rodriguez is that he seemingly came from nowhere. All anyone …

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Mick Jagger: Brazilians Claim He Is A World Cup Jinx

According to Brazilian soccer fans, Mick Jagger is a “pe-frio.” In the United States pe-frios are known as jinxed or cursed. Some would just call them bearers of bad luck. Brazilians may like the music of The Rolling Stones, but they don’t want Jagger to root for their team, because they don’t want his apparent horrid luck to ruin their …

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Fanny Neguesha Says Yes to Mario Balotelli

With the FIFA World Cup being played only once every four years, one can only imagine the pressure soccer’s greatest superstars are under to perform at their peak level for their respective nations. While Brazil is obviously under the most pressure to succeed this year (being the host country and whatnot), there are certain countries which are expected to win …

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