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Red Sox Ads Thank Boston and St. Louis Fans

The Red Sox are reaching out to fans in a gesture of thanks, a full-page ad gesture of thanks that is. After their 2013 World Series win against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston team placed an advertisement in the Tuesday St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “From One Great Baseball Town To Another.” They also posted a Monday, full-page ad in their …

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St. Louis Teams Lose Twice In One Night

The St. Louis Rams have had a tough season so far. First, they loss their franchise quarterback, Sam Bradford, who was loss for the season with a torn ACL last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Next, desperate for help at the quarterback position, they reportedly called retired and 44 year old Brett Favre to come play for them. Favre said …

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Boston Red Sox Win Game 5, Fear the Beards

The Boston Red Sox, starting out the 2013 World Series on a win, closed Game 5 with a win as well. The Sox are now 3-2 against the St. Louis Cardinals, tonight’s 3-1 run win inching them closer to the third Series win in a decade. Should the Cardinals take Game 6, Game 7 would be played on Halloween night. …

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