2008 Election Articles

Only 35% Have Watched An Online Political Video

While 81 percent of adults who are online have watched videos only 35 percent have ever watched a political video online according to a Harris Interactive poll.

When it comes to the type of political videos watched, 27 percent have viewed a news story about a campaign or candidate online, while 14 percent have watched a candidate interview and the same number a political speech. Only 11 percent watched a political advertisement and 10 percent a campaign video.

Obama Leading All Candidates Online
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Illinois Senator Barack Obama is attracting more visitors to his campaign Web site than any of the other presidential candidates according to the Nielsen Company.

Washingtonpost.com Launches Tool For ’08 Election

The washingtonpost.com has launched the "Issue Coverage Tracker," a new application that compares the amount of press coverage between candidates and the major issues of the 2008 presidential race.

CBSNews.com Partners With Washingtonpost.com

CBSNews.com and the washingtonpost.com have formed a content-sharing partnership for coverage of the 2008 Presidential campaigns.

Online Presidential Performance Index Launched
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Spartan Internet Consulting Corporation said it is releasing an Internet political performance index for the 2008 Presidential election.

YouTube, CNN To Sponsor Democratic Debates

Lawsuit magnet YouTube is partnering with CNN to be a co-sponsor for the first of six Democratic Party debates for the 2008 race.

YouTube has become increasingly active in the political realm as of late. Last month they launched Citizen Tube, designed to attract people to express their views on political topics.

In addition they also launched YouChoose, a presidential channel focused on the major presidential candidates.