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Bo Derek to Play Tara Reid’s Mom in ‘Sharknado 3’

Bo Derek has signed on to play the role of May, the mother of Tara Reid’s character April, in the upcoming SyFy production of Sharknado 3. Tara Reid and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Ian Ziering have the Sharknado movies to thank for putting bread on their tables. In addition to Bo Derek, other celebrities (?) have signed on to play roles …

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Jeff Bezos: Cuckoo Chimes Still A Go For The 10,000 Year Clock

Jeff Bezos has been getting some attention this week for some of the interesting investments he’s made, thanks to a Wall Street Journal article about them. The article discusses a patent Bezos’ name is on, for some kind of cell phone airbag-type gadget and Glassbaby, a handmade glass company Bezos has invested in. Of course the 10,000 Year Clock also …

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