Taco Bell Kids' Meals Axed From The Menu

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Taco Bell recently announced that they'll be removing their kids' meals from the menu in January, and some are wondering about the real reason behind the move.

The fast food company has frequently been the target of nutritionists, who say that the choices for kids just aren't healthy enough. While other restaurants have either begun offering healthier options--such as apples instead of fries--Taco Bell has kept their menu relatively simple, and that's not good enough for parents who want their kids to make better choices. For now, they have stopped including toys in the meals, a move which is garnering approval.

But the company says the new menu change has less to do with what parents want and more to do with their target audience: the cool 20-somethings who have kept the restaurant in business over the years.

"It's fairly inconsistent for an edgy, twentysomething brand to offer kids meals," chief executive Greg Creed said. "This is about positioning the brand for Millennials."

Indeed, a fast-food chain that touts a "fourth meal" option on their menu is likely not catering to kids; they want to draw in hip, young people who are out there "living mas" and staying up late.

The company made menu changes just last year with their Cantina Bell offerings, which are a bit more upscale and include fresh ingredients like black beans, cilantro rice, citrus- and herb-marinated chicken, and cilantro dressing.

Amanda Crum
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