Tablet PC As Video Star

    September 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Online video reaches into all kinds of interest areas, especially those related to technology, and tablet PCs are no exception.

The process of reviewing and discussing a technology product looks tailor-made for online video.

I would like to think they can complement a written review quite nicely, but I’m a writer and have that kind of bias.

Video has not become the main way to review Tablet PCs, or any other tech product, yet. That’s a very conditional yet, as some Tablet PC-related content may be found through simple searches of video sharing sites.

Google Video has less than a couple of dozen results for a query on “tablet PCs.”

A Toshiba Staellite tablet review from appears here, as does an overview of the HP Compaq TC4400 as given by a member of HP’s staff.

YouTube yielded about four times as many results for the same search.

One user created a clip demonstrating the use of Microsoft Max photo and news software on a ThinkPad X41 Tablet device.

I had expected CNet to have a selection of videos, given that site’s focus on all things in technology.

It does, and runs short pre-roll ads before reviews of Tablets like the Toshiba Portege M400.

For those who prefer pretty pictures to new video hotness, several sites can fulfill that need for Tablet PC visuals.

Engadget, TGDaily, and Ars Technica all do reviews with photos of the product at hand.


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