Swift’s Disgusted Reaction to Bieber Kiss Caught on Video

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This weekend, Justin Bieber was booed while accepting an award at the Billboard Music Awards. The crowd reaction was enough to startle the 19-year-old, who used his acceptance speech to tell everyone he should be “taken seriously” and that they should not speak of “this other bull.”

Now another incident caught on video at the Billboard Music Awards is making the rounds on the internet.

Backstage at the show, Bieber ran into his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Their encounter was caught briefly on camera, and Bieber can be seen receiving a peck on the cheek from Gomez. What’s more interesting, however, is that fellow pop star Taylor Swift happened to be walking by the couple at that exact moment. Her look of disgust perfectly encapsulates what the large portion of the crowd who booed Bieber must have been feeling:


Bieber hasn’t officially commented on either of Sunday night’s embarrassments. Instead, the pop star used his 39 million-follower Twitter feed to thank fans and express his love for Jesus:

(Image courtesy roffleswaffles on Reddit)

Swift’s Disgusted Reaction to Bieber Kiss Caught on Video
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  • IceLily

    I got to laugh at this.

    So what!

    She can’t keep a guy interested in her so of course she is going to be jealous when she is alone again and again and again.

    Not that SM or JB is much to be jealous about.

  • Roxy

    I myself could care less about both of them. In time they will seal there fate. But if your going to break up you might as well be friends. Hey Taylor breaks up with a guy and doesn’t have or can be friends with them. Don’t rub a person face into what could of been both of your faults when you breakup with someone. At least Selena can still be friends with her ex. and visa versa. I rather be friends then have them as a enemy like what Taylor has. Stop writing about everyone in your songs. Or maybe that is just how she can have a song. No talent to come up with a song unless it is about someone.. And yes that is a girl that is jealous to do that. Or maybe she wanted some tongue. LOL

  • Andra

    I think she jealous! or not like him… she should be the one to be booed.

  • Me

    CLEARLY she has a “thing” for him and Selena knows it! Selena clearly kissed him (as to “own” her territory) as Taylor walked by. You can even see Justin pull back in discomfort of it. I think that Taylor and Justin have hooked up or have entertained (flirted) with the idea of it. Women are CATS! Meow lol

  • annie

    Justin Bieber is the most girlie looking/acting singer in current music. He needs to just be honest about his sexuality. Stop pretending! Yuck!

  • http://yahoo.com tery

    Taylor Swift????? Who the H..ll is that B..ch anyway???? Cant stand her or her music! Id like to Boooo her a.ss off the stage just once!!!

  • TonyC

    Actually, I found it quite funny and refreshing. I think Taylor inadvertently showed that, despite her Barbie-doll looks (and yes, I do consider her a live doll) and big claim to fame, she has a human side (Sags do have trouble hiding their real feelings anyway, just like Aries). I’d probably have the same reaction myself if I were in her shoes. On the other hand, her shoes would probably be very painful on my feet.

    Still love seeing Taylor; she’s the only blonde in my book who does not need to change her hair color to get my attention.

  • TonyC

    Did he REALLY post that??!!?!! Oh well, to each his own. :-/

  • Liz

    Whoever said Taylor is jealous is obviously so ignorant. Taylor is close friends with Selena so she obviously knows something about this relationship no one else knows. It’s just like you not supporting one of your friend’s relationship because of what you know about it.. This has nothing to do with Taylor’s relationships with other guys or who’s more popular…

  • K

    It looks as if Taylor is just making a joke like face kind of like what a third wheel does when the lovebirds smooch.

  • http://yahoo barrett.angel

    Swift cant and never has been able to sing, she sounds like a one pitch vaccume If everyone boycotted her crap she might go away

  • marc

    Not a Bieber fan nor a Swift fan but, why should she care about him kissing his girlfriend?

  • jnelly

    In this comment section: Fans of horrible music war with other fans of horrible music.


  • Korie

    It doesn’t look like she’s disgusted. It looks like she was thinking, “EWWWW gross”, kind of like how a child would react to her parents kissing. Seriously people need to stop talking about these annoying people. Especially Selena and Justin. Selena has no talent and needs to go away, and Justin is starting to turn into a FREAKKKKKK!! It’s like he’s trying to be eccentric like Michael Jackson to get attention. I’m sick of it, please stop reporting on them. And people need to leave Taylor alone. Ever thing she does is analyzed, its ridiculous, she’s not that interesting.

  • longhorn tommy

    he”s gay and he’s using selena as a coverup they should have excluded him from any awards he”s joke in the industry and he’s pathitic he”s just a little punkass and i cant stand bleeber head yes thats right i said bleeber or is it blabber hell who cares he aint got a enough brain cells to be talking and i had the same reaction as taylor when i saw that too dont blame her oh yeah and by the way this is 2013 no one stays with anyone very long anymore the days of loving one person is gone

  • Terri

    Taylor’s opinion is meaningless. Her feelings are irrelevant to any other relationship but her own. And speaking of that, she’s an absolute pro when it comes to dating. Not everyone wants to be the town pump like you, Taylor.

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