Swift’s Disgusted Reaction to Bieber Kiss Caught on Video

    May 20, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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This weekend, Justin Bieber was booed while accepting an award at the Billboard Music Awards. The crowd reaction was enough to startle the 19-year-old, who used his acceptance speech to tell everyone he should be “taken seriously” and that they should not speak of “this other bull.”

Now another incident caught on video at the Billboard Music Awards is making the rounds on the internet.

Backstage at the show, Bieber ran into his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Their encounter was caught briefly on camera, and Bieber can be seen receiving a peck on the cheek from Gomez. What’s more interesting, however, is that fellow pop star Taylor Swift happened to be walking by the couple at that exact moment. Her look of disgust perfectly encapsulates what the large portion of the crowd who booed Bieber must have been feeling:


Bieber hasn’t officially commented on either of Sunday night’s embarrassments. Instead, the pop star used his 39 million-follower Twitter feed to thank fans and express his love for Jesus:

(Image courtesy roffleswaffles on Reddit)

  • Lynne

    Who cares what Taylor thinks?! What about the 20 something guys she’s been out with and kissed!!!

    • Matt

      What 20 guys? Can you prove this? You can’t. The only proof you have is what you read and see in the tabloids. Don’t get mad.

      • Tom

        Uh, Matt … Lynn said 20-something … as in guys in their 20’s.

      • angie

        ok maybe 10.. she has 10 break up songs… LOL!

      • Roxy

        I am sorry but Taylor Swift is disgusting and she wishes she could kiss him instead.

        • http://Yahoo D.J.

          I really do not think that Taylor Swift has any desire to put a lip-lock on him, but I know of a whole bunch who do – they’re called ‘gays’.

    • http://yahoo lori mccoy

      Her tongue is nasty! It’s been in too many mouths to count!

    • voice your opinion

      Lol I agree

    • http://webpronews cate lynn

      Lynn- I just posted the same thing. Taylor is a slutty individual. And has absolutely no business butting in where she does not belong.

    • Alex

      Taylor Swift is just jealous because Selena Gomez is a lot prettier then she is

  • FredZilch

    Taylor, of all the people to cast stones! I think it’s time for you to get seriously laid.

  • Tracy

    Now Taylor Swift knows how we feel when her music is on the radio!!

  • bethany

    that’s what jealous girls do, Taylor!

    • Matt

      Jealous of what?! lol.

      • http://webpronews cate lynn

        Jealous of the fact that some people find Justin more popular than Taylor. Taylor is repititious. She sings about the same crap every time. All about the boys she has been with. How many songs has she written about her exes. Well, at least 10-15 songs if not more, that means 10-15 boys she has dated. So I think that is a little slutty, jumping from boy to boy. How many has she slept with, is none of my business, but I will bet she is NOT pure as the driven snow. She only put out one good song and that was Love Story. But to keep hearing all about her personal life in her songs is just something I am not interested.

        • Marie

          Bieber is the most hated person in the world. Most of his haters are women and girls. Good try, brainwashed twat. Bieber is a FLOP. Flop movie, Flop concert, Flop albums, NO #1 song ever. He bought his fake followers and his awards. His fan base are spam bots! You’re just few of the no brainer brainwashed twat. Poor thing!

          • Amanda

            So true, Marie. LMAO

          • chad

            What planet are you living on presently? His documentary is the highest grossing music documentary of all time( Never Say Never) His Believe world tour has sold out around the world. 5 #1 albums before he turned 19. No #1 single yet but he shattered records and has the distinction of having the most successful single of all time with Baby just announced recently. No #1 single but having the world’s most successful single of all time going 12 times platinum is one hell of achievement. You haters can choke on that.

        • Tony

          So what if you’re not interested, millions of other people are.

        • Bill

          Yes, eight billboard awards is somewhat repetitious…especially compared to Bieb’s one…you Beliebers are unbeliebable! Taylor has talent that Justin couldn’t imagine, and her personal conduct is her business. You need to focus your ‘moral’ outrage on your own boy, who’s slowly but surely destroying his own career and doing a disservice to his legions of brainwashed zombie fans. Grow the f–k up!

          • Cindy


        • Holly

          @cate lynn….IF you don’t like her music then don’t listen! Seems like you know more about her songs than most people!

        • Steve Anthony

          Based on record sales, annual earnings and internet hits: Taylor wins! Get your facts straight.

      • http://yahoo.com Nina

        You’re right!

  • Joanne

    personally, I feel the same way Taylor feels, but I also can’t stand her music!

  • jeff

    That is less then the amount of disgust Bieber gives in general. At least Taylor has some taste which is more than can be said for Selena.

    • http://yahoo JACKIE

      Poor Taylor, she cant get a real man. just losers. why does she date little boys.
      and they dont stick around long.

  • Jack

    In fairness to Taylor Swift, she’s not familiar with getting back together with exes. She gets involved with them, dumps them, writes a bitter song about it, and moves on to the next guy.

    • http://yahoo lori mccoy

      True! She doesn’t doesn’t know what a make-up kiss is! Ha!

      • Dennis

        Judging from her songs, she doesn’t know how good make-up sex can be either…

    • Marie

      That’s because Taylor can find another guy. The thing is, no one takes Selena seriously since she has proven herself to be a retard being Gayber’s lesbian girlfriend. She tried several times to break up with Gayber and date others but she herself said no one asks her out so she’s stuck with this puker Gayber. No one else likes Justina and Selena, so expect to see them end up marrying each other.

      • chad

        Another gay guy that is in the closet you mean? Why is Taylor Swift known as the world’s most famous beard and it seems every guy she dates has gay rumors surrounding him? Nobody wants to go near her in Hollywood or in the music industry not because she writes songs about exes but because of the rumors surrounding her PR contracted relationships.

    • http://yahoo-webnews JOHN LOPEZ JR


  • wondering

    So immature. She is seriously in her 20’s? She acts like a 3 year old.

  • Nicole

    She’s just mad that when men leave her they stay gone. I would’t want a second helping of her either.

  • tamarahope

    I really can’t stand either of them but Swift really needs to mind her own business! Who cares what she thinks anyway? Bieber is just a train wreck waiting to happen!

    • zzberk

      Pretty sure the article didn’t quote her or ask what she thought. She simply reacted. She didn’t say anything. Not a fan of either but uggh..

  • Dee

    She knows where his mouth has been.

    • http://webpronews cate lynn

      Dee-So where has Taylor’s mouth been? I will assume “around”.

  • KotysShorty

    I don’t see anything wrong with her reaction, I’m almost positive she was joking. I react the same way when my close friends are getting lovey-dovey with their boyfriends, and my friends react the same way when I do that with my own fiance. They’re all friends. You have to remember, the cameras are constantly on them, just waiting for them to make a silly face so the media can blow it out of proportion.

  • http://yahoo P.Davis

    Bad enough we have to WAIT for young Mr. Beep to garner a little class and maturity…But Ms. Swift is a tad bit old to be sticking out her tongue and acting like, well, a five year old in public.

  • Jasmine

    That is not a look of real disgust. She was just kidding! Geez, everyone takes things so personally.

  • look again

    looks to me like Selena is trying to plant one on his lips and he turns away! I agree with Taylor! At least when she dumps a guy she does not look like she is desperately trying to get him back…

    • Jeff

      You mean after Selena moves her head so quickly to the right that she almost knocks the guy out behind her. She wouldn’t even move forward until he later moved to his right. He was clearly the one being rejected there.

  • Jeff

    I do not even see how even if you dislike Taylor Swift, it could even approach how much you should dislike a total d-bag like Bieber, whether or not he give props to God every time he takes a dump.

  • http://yahoo brian

    swift is a spoiled brat, wish someone would smack her

  • Jane


  • lovely

    She needs to grow up

  • JoDeeBee

    I’m surprised she’s not puking after seeing that! Hmmmm, grow up? She runs her own business (herself), is filthy rich, and you Bieber “believers” only wish Justin could be as together. At least she doesn’t deal with monkeys!

    • Matt

      Not sure what you mean by that monkey comment?

      • floyd

        believe they are referring to the monkey that Bieber had seized by the German Government during the last week of March of this year

    • Mary

      LOL Taylor made 2 million more than Justin, not like it matters to any of us. She should mind her own business and focus on her own relationships………oh wait I feel a song coming on, this time about someone else’s relationship which she has no business being in.

  • TKP

    First off who gives a rats ass about JB anyways

  • brad payne

    Who cares about taylor swift reaction. Everyone he dated feel disgusted about her.

  • zeze

    she needs to mind her own f*kin business. This girl had like 10 bf in 2 months.

  • babygirl howser

    lol love when the stars show they are real people too! I’m a respectable 49 year old nurse and I say “ewwwwww” too!!!!

  • Chrisdj614

    I smell a new Taylor Swift song coming.

  • Rebekah

    Everyone needs to calm down (tabloids included). Taylor is best friends with Selena. It’s the kind of joking reaction anyone would make when they see their best friend kissing their boyfriend. I don’t know why everyone feels the need to make such a big out of this. Geez.

  • http://webpronews Montessahall

    Ah, come on Taylor, haven’t you seen two girls kiss before?

  • floyd

    maybe Taylor is hot for Selena and is jealous of Bieber getting her attention.

  • Teresa

    I think it is disgusting that the booed Justin Beiber while he was on the stage. These people are always preaching against bullying, yet what they did was humiliate him on a public stage. Shame on all of them. If you don’t like him that’s fine. But, to do that to someone on national tv is a disgrace.

    • Jeff


    • Marie

      BOOOOO!!!!! Everyone booes that puker even Canadians and her own fans in London.

    • chad

      But remember he got a standing ovation from the crowd of his peers and the idiots started booing shortly after BEFORE he got to the stage and spoke a single word. Considering the booing aside they were drowned out by the cheering and I was glad to see people get up on their feet and cheer and clap for him. I think he deserved to bask in that adulation but those insane haters tried to ruin it for him but didn’t succeed. Disgusting indeed but his success will only further fuel their insanity.

  • jl

    I don’t blame her. I had the same reaction.

  • http://Yahoo Joe

    Taylor should be disgusted if she is truly Selenas’ friend. Justin is a PUNK and Selena deserves a whole lot better!

  • T

    Secretly Taylor Swift may wish she was in Kim Kardashian’s maternity dress right now or engaged in the process that cause such condition.

  • daleohman

    I was changing channels the other day and came across this pervert(Justin ieber) singing on stage and all he could do was grab his crotch

    • T

      well he was probably grabbing his crotch because
      there is nothing there. He kept realizing it is missing
      so he reached for it.

  • T

    I meant the process with the same guy who caused
    Kim Kardashian’s condition — or maybe Usher

    • KotysShorty

      Why would she want to be engaged to or pregnant by Kanye West? That’s a pretty odd suggestion, considering he’s a self-proclaimed douche-bag, and he’s the one who interrupted one of her speeches during a live show and said she didn’t deserve an award. Besides, what does he even have to do with any of this?

  • E Class

    It looks to me she was motioning more tongue.IDK

  • me

    skank herself..who cares

    • nina

      She’s a loser too. No wonder she can’t keep a man.

  • me

    she wishes it was her…ha ha

  • http://yahoo richard

    people should minds their bussines

  • jae

    She is mad because he never had the desire to kiss her. Although they would make the perfect couple. No one will know who either one of them is in a few years.

  • Sarah

    Holy shit people, how about you calm down for a second. Maybe Taylor doesn’t like PDAs. Maybe she doesn’t like Justin or Selena or both. Hell, maybe she wasn’t even reacting to them. SO, how about you take your judgemental little noses and shove them back into your lives, where they belong.

    • nina

      taylors love life is non-existent … she can’t keep one

  • Joe

    Justin Sucks

  • http://google Wayne

    She leaned into him. I don’t see any discuss.

    • Jeff

      Leaned into him after her death grip on his neck pulled his face and lips the other direction.

  • http://webpronews cate lynn

    Taylor has no business poking her face in anyone else’s affairs. She is a loser. And she needs to take a good long hard look in the mirror and see exactly what a losery individual she is. She has a reputation for being with a lot of boys then dumping them. So she should keep her fat mouth shut. She is slutty. Leave Beiber alone, who cares what he does or how he chooses to live his life. It is his own life and no one has the right to tell him how to live or have a look of “Disgust” as Taylor did. She really has major issues.

    • Tony

      Taylor Swift is extremely popular, and she has also made millions of dollars, so she isn’t a loser.

  • Roxy

    The only thing I don’t like about Justin is his constant mention of the Lord and Jesus and the religious love thy neighbor crap.

  • JaneDoe

    Why? She’s never seen 2 girl’s kissing before??

  • Abe Lincoln

    Nobody prettier than TAYLOR!

  • dakota

    taylor is equally as gross. i’m sorry, i hate justin beiber, but taylor swift has gone through how many high school aged guys in the span of 30 days? what a freakin joke. i’m so glad people got to see the real taylor a few months ago- she was trying to come off as this goodie goodie perfectly flawless girl…yet look at her, she’s a total bit* lol

  • Sarah

    I think Taylor is just jealous because NONE of her exes want to get back with her.

    • Tony

      I highly doubt that she is jealous of anyone.

  • Danny Boy

    Looks like little Miss Fish Lips wishes she could slip the “Biebs” her tongue….she’d choke the little pecker-head if she did.

    Who cares about either of these worthless pieces of s$%t?

  • Lamika

    Taylor is just jealous. Taylor Swift makes a career out of whining about her break-ups. Oh wow, she had a breakup, just like 10 million other people have had before. She needs to grow up and stop acting so desperate.

  • IceLily

    I got to laugh at this.

    So what!

    She can’t keep a guy interested in her so of course she is going to be jealous when she is alone again and again and again.

    Not that SM or JB is much to be jealous about.

  • Roxy

    I myself could care less about both of them. In time they will seal there fate. But if your going to break up you might as well be friends. Hey Taylor breaks up with a guy and doesn’t have or can be friends with them. Don’t rub a person face into what could of been both of your faults when you breakup with someone. At least Selena can still be friends with her ex. and visa versa. I rather be friends then have them as a enemy like what Taylor has. Stop writing about everyone in your songs. Or maybe that is just how she can have a song. No talent to come up with a song unless it is about someone.. And yes that is a girl that is jealous to do that. Or maybe she wanted some tongue. LOL

  • Andra

    I think she jealous! or not like him… she should be the one to be booed.

  • Me

    CLEARLY she has a “thing” for him and Selena knows it! Selena clearly kissed him (as to “own” her territory) as Taylor walked by. You can even see Justin pull back in discomfort of it. I think that Taylor and Justin have hooked up or have entertained (flirted) with the idea of it. Women are CATS! Meow lol

  • annie

    Justin Bieber is the most girlie looking/acting singer in current music. He needs to just be honest about his sexuality. Stop pretending! Yuck!

  • http://yahoo.com tery

    Taylor Swift????? Who the H..ll is that B..ch anyway???? Cant stand her or her music! Id like to Boooo her a.ss off the stage just once!!!

  • TonyC

    Actually, I found it quite funny and refreshing. I think Taylor inadvertently showed that, despite her Barbie-doll looks (and yes, I do consider her a live doll) and big claim to fame, she has a human side (Sags do have trouble hiding their real feelings anyway, just like Aries). I’d probably have the same reaction myself if I were in her shoes. On the other hand, her shoes would probably be very painful on my feet.

    Still love seeing Taylor; she’s the only blonde in my book who does not need to change her hair color to get my attention.

  • TonyC

    Did he REALLY post that??!!?!! Oh well, to each his own. :-/

  • Liz

    Whoever said Taylor is jealous is obviously so ignorant. Taylor is close friends with Selena so she obviously knows something about this relationship no one else knows. It’s just like you not supporting one of your friend’s relationship because of what you know about it.. This has nothing to do with Taylor’s relationships with other guys or who’s more popular…

  • K

    It looks as if Taylor is just making a joke like face kind of like what a third wheel does when the lovebirds smooch.

  • http://yahoo barrett.angel

    Swift cant and never has been able to sing, she sounds like a one pitch vaccume If everyone boycotted her crap she might go away

  • marc

    Not a Bieber fan nor a Swift fan but, why should she care about him kissing his girlfriend?

  • jnelly

    In this comment section: Fans of horrible music war with other fans of horrible music.


  • Korie

    It doesn’t look like she’s disgusted. It looks like she was thinking, “EWWWW gross”, kind of like how a child would react to her parents kissing. Seriously people need to stop talking about these annoying people. Especially Selena and Justin. Selena has no talent and needs to go away, and Justin is starting to turn into a FREAKKKKKK!! It’s like he’s trying to be eccentric like Michael Jackson to get attention. I’m sick of it, please stop reporting on them. And people need to leave Taylor alone. Ever thing she does is analyzed, its ridiculous, she’s not that interesting.

  • longhorn tommy

    he”s gay and he’s using selena as a coverup they should have excluded him from any awards he”s joke in the industry and he’s pathitic he”s just a little punkass and i cant stand bleeber head yes thats right i said bleeber or is it blabber hell who cares he aint got a enough brain cells to be talking and i had the same reaction as taylor when i saw that too dont blame her oh yeah and by the way this is 2013 no one stays with anyone very long anymore the days of loving one person is gone

  • Terri

    Taylor’s opinion is meaningless. Her feelings are irrelevant to any other relationship but her own. And speaking of that, she’s an absolute pro when it comes to dating. Not everyone wants to be the town pump like you, Taylor.