SUV Gang Assault: Third Biker is Arraigned, Flips Bird in Court

By: Erika Watts - October 7, 2013

A third motorcycle gang member involved in the vicious beating of an SUV driver was arraigned on Sunday. Reginald Chance, 37, was charged with several felonies, including gang assault in the first degree. Chance is the biker who is accused of smashing out a window on the SUV so the other bikers could get to the driver.

Chance, a career criminal who has been arrested 21 times in the past, will remain in jail unless his family can come up with the $100,000 bond the judge set for him. The biker certainly didn’t seem too bothered by the charges he faces, as he took the opportunity to flip off reporters in court.

Gregory Watts, Chance’s lawyer, issued a statement on his client’s part in the SUV gang assault and says that Chance was knocked off his motorcycle by the SUV driver, Alexian Lien, and simply went too far trying to identify the driver.

“The law does permit someone who is a victim of an accident to at least attempt to get the identification of the motorist,” Watts said. “My client obviously overreacted in that manner, but he is not this thug assaulting someone who’s harmless, contrary to the public opinion that’s being put out there.”

Watts further says that Chance didn’t participate in the assault. “My client obviously overreacted in smashing the window, but beyond that he was not a participant in any assault on the victim,” Watts said. Watts may think that all Chance did was “overreact,” but the district attorney in the case says that Chance’s role in the beating was pivotal.

By smashing the window, Chance’s actions “set into motion a chain of events that resulted in the driver being dragged out of his vehicle and beaten” by others, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Samantha Turino said.

The SUV gang assault occurred on September 29 when a group of bikers surrounded Lien and his family, forcing them to stop. The bikers then proceeded to bust out a window in Lien’s Range Rover and beat him in front of his wife and toddler. Police are still investigating the crime and are looking into claims that two off-duty police officers stood by and did nothing to intervene during the assault.

Image via New York Post

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  • Truth

    America I assure you that you have a greater chance of being killed by a street gang member than you do a terrorist. The worst are the black gangs. It isn’t politically correct to say that but it is the truth.

    If you go into a prison, where supposedly all the violent people are, you will find that over 95% of the violence there is caused by the black gangs. They are constantly stabbing people and stealing from people. I worked in a prison before. One inmate I knew was a contract killer for the mob: aka a hitman. You were perfectly safe around the man. The inmates you had to watch out for were the young black gang members.

    You may bash me for saying this but it is the truth.

    • Deborah Schell

      I don’t think for one second that your wrong for saying so. I think its time we quit pussyfooting around the issue because the are black and we don’t want to offend feelings. I have many black friends, none of which act like this and condone them for doing this as well. Blacks need to start condemning this also.. Its making them look bad in many peoples eyes, and It is sooo not true of all of them. Kudos from me for standing up in this to much political correctness society and saying the truth.. the emperor has no cloths it reminds me of.. You should be told Thanks from ALL races for speaking the TRUTH!!

    • tye

      pure genious. How about the fact that a large part of the prison is black. You obviously have no clue about crime, or criminal activity. Have you heard of other gangs such as the Asian gangs in California, the Aryan Brotherhood, latin Kings. Pure ignorance has been spewed from the mouth of the truth. Do yourself a favor. Read a book on Hitler, Hussein, or other notable bad people.

      • Truth

        No, actually I have met the people you are talking about. Literally everyone one of those groups. Here is the difference:

        For the gangs you just listed, in most cases, you have to go out of your way have an incident with them. You leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

        With black gangs, you can literally be attacked for no reason. If you have something they want, they will just take it.

        Also, please don’t tell me what I have seen or know about. I assure you that I have a lot of experience in this area. Granted — what I said doesn’t apply to EVERYONE — I have actually met black gang members that were pretty decent guys, they were just stuck in the gang and couldn’t get out. Also, you must realize the gangs of today are totally different than those of 10 years ago.

        The young kids of today really don’t care. Just go talk to the older gang members and they will even tell you that. The new kids coming up are out of control.

      • Truth

        Also, one more thing.

        Don’t confuse what I am saying about black gangs with black people. What I said is not an indictment on the black race. It is an indictment on the gang situation within the black race.

        It really is very bad and frankly, no one is safe around them.

      • teryt gee

        alot of blacks that did’t do anything right.

  • Lila

    “My client obviously overreacted in that manner, but he is not this thug assaulting someone who’s harmless…” Sure he’s not. That’s why he’s been arrested 21 times before.

    • Pablo Fanque

      Oh, no. Not arrested 21 times. CONVICTED 21 times. The low-life scum has probably been arrested far more times.

  • http://webpronews the situation

    I’m only sorry that SUV driver didn’t run them all over …..
    Mr. Chance too …..

  • Deborah Schell

    These people ARE gang members.. they’ve been arrested many times. And there where actually 2 police officers there under cover for a reason! and even they didn’t step in, I think they would have if they thought a life would have been lost. They have video before all of this started also, which you wont see on TV.. arrest them all I say and quit trying to be so politically correct when it comes to black gangs.. I have many black friends.. none of which act like this, and who also say this need to stop. Thugs are Thugs, no matter what color or where they come from. This is out and out right bulling, and its time to do something about it. Arrest them all. I feel for the man in the SUV. and shame on the one who got run over. It doesn’t tell you but he had NO drivers license, it was revoked 3 years ago. and he had never had a motorcycle license, ever. So whose fault?? His own for being an illegal driver of a motorcycle..

    • tye

      the undercover cops were participants in the rally, not working. Not sure where that came from. It was certainly mob mentality, and would scare the crap out of me as well.

  • Mark

    these lowlifes should be hanged! while most of us are on the job they are riding their bikes and collecting unemployment and foodstamps!

    • Jae

      And people say racism is gone. If he were white no one would be using the words lynched and hanged. Racism is alive in these comment forums, which shows you exactly how people actually think in the real world.

  • Melg

    Oh come on people. This “biker” was obviously trying to identify the motorist. His friend’s gopro helmet cam obviously wasn’t enough to just obtain a license plate number and let that be it. This poor chap with his 21 prior convictions was just trying to help his friend identify this evil driver!

    At least that’s the story you’ll hear in court before his lawyer decides to settle on a lesser charge!

  • EMBY

    Lawyers will come with any BS to get their clients off. The biker went overboard trying to identify the SUV driver who hit his buddy? That doesn’t seem likely.

  • Words of wisdom

    Last I checked every one is innocent until proven guilty. Obviously the media did a good jog taking sides and passing there own linch mob justice. It should be illegal to report on cases not yet put through the system. All the weak minded Americans love passing judgement and being sheep pushing one of there own people to slaughter. Gee why would a lawyer try and work for his client. Has anyone heard of mandatory minimums. Sometimes people are giving way to much time for letting there emotions get out of hand. When they are taught there whole life by school, there environment and TV to be emotional people. Then when someone has the emotions get out of hand they are hammered by a court system that incarcerates more people then anywhere in the world. Stop the ignorance people.

    • Words of wisdom

      Yes give more down thumbs. The romans had coliseums to watch people die. You all have your blood baths in the court rooms. Who are the real low lives here?

      • tye

        WOW is a good name for you. Innocent until proven in the court of law. This is not the court of law. The media is reporting what was seen through the glass eye. This isn’t even a case of editorializing. It is reporting exactly what was shown on camera. Next you are going to talk about the first amendment and the Miranda rights and all other cool quotes that we hear on the internet.

        • bigone

          So I suppose you and the media should be the judge and jury. What should we do lynch them all to a tree? My gosh I feel sorry for the supposed progress of America and Americans. If you are an American and you don’t agree with the legal system then that is saying you don’t believe in your government.

    • Joe

      Words of Wisdom – you are a total idiot. Innocent until proven in the video. This moron is a career criminal that beat the hell out of a car in response to an accident that had absolutely nothing to do with him. He is a thug, plain and simple. Open your eyes.
      His lawyer is an idiot too. Trying to get the driver’s information. That is laughable. Again, you have no right to get the driver’s information if you were not involved in the accident. His lawyer needs to come up with a LEGAL defense.

      • bigone

        So you agree with him then that the media brought to your attention the facts in this case and you have already judged the whole incident? Regardless of criminal record or past or how many kids. It seems you have a racist mind by you words. Because you seem to basically be saying he is a stereotypical black man with to many kids no job and a huge criminal record. No one is asking you to be sympathetic but you will never be my judge and jury bud I am thankful for that.

    • Tom Johnston

      A video, taken by a member of the gang, is good enough for me!!!

    • Amber Ray

      Words of Wisdom – Your a dumb ass. I assume your a gang member too and hate the fact that your stupid “friends” got caught. People who break the law and who love to bully others always have an excuse when they get caught.

    • Nick

      The guy had 21 arrests, 6 kids and no job for the last 2 years. Plus when they haul into court he flips the bird. This guy is a lowlife and luckily they caught all his thurggery on camera. he deserves more than what he’ll get.

  • Stu P Knitger

    Lynch this SOB on the spot or cut his lips off in a televised paid event.

  • Merri

    That is not a biker. That is a punk in a hoody. A riker wouldn’t even be dressed like that. Sorry he is a wanna be. So many of the city gangs are getting into riding their ninja bikes and trying to form their own motorcycle club. A true club wouldn’t have done what they did. A true club would’ve been directing traffic and avoided this. A true club would not have gone after a vehicle with a man’s family in it. There is honor and respect. This was trash wanna bes. They have given motorcycle riders disrespect and embarrassment.

  • http://yahoo mag

    21 prior convictions.
    what else murder, assault,rape, what are we waiting for? i remember the wife of the guy in the hospital call all the bikers, good people,…Lawyers, doctors, army vet, fathers, and so on this guy w 21convictions dont look so “good person ” to me..

  • Ben Dover

    these guys are nothing but a bunch of thugs..I bet if Obama had a son he’d be just like this fool..

    just think if the SUV driver had a gun and this punk came smashing his window…shoot his ass right between the eyes..

    • GSpeaks

      Thugs and Obama mentioned together in this story? Sounds like the logic of an idiot teabagger who ties loose facts together and reaches dumb conclusions and whose son will be bending over for him or his hillybilly friends. Enough about the dumbness of some stupid racists (redundant, I know). the guy who smashed the window should be charged in the same as the guy who committed the assault. Flipping the bird is ignorant and will not help his case.

    • yogik

      How on earth did you connect our pres. to this story? And WHY?

  • Ben Dover

    is that lawyer Luther Williams serious?

    ” they are trying to arrest everyone for doing something they felt was illegal”

    WELL of coarse it was illegal you fool…trying to scare a family and swing open their suv door is assault and if your client had a weapon then maybe aggravated assault..

    sounds like just enough reason to me to call it ” fear of my life and my families life”

    the SUV guy should have mowed down the whole bunch of pus[s]ies

    • Shika

      YOU TELL IT!

  • Ben Dover

    as for the paralyzed biker..TOUGH SH{IT

    tell you homies to have fun pushing you around in your hip hop wheelchair for the rest of your life now…

    SUV vs Biker = SUV always wins..haha

    • Sparrow

      Only problem is he will be supported by our tax dollars with welfare and food stamps for the rest of his life.

  • Andy

    Not a thug that public opinion is putting out there? How about a thug because he’s been arrested 21 times in his 37 years? How about a thug because he flips off people in court?

    The law allows a “victim” to get the identity of the motorist. My first reaction might be to GET THE LICENSE PLATE NUMBER! His was apparently smash a window, who cares if there happened to be a child in the car!

  • http://Yahoo Cody

    When I was younger I hung out with a group of guys that all had records. Several times I was put in a place where something bad could have happened. The biker that was ran over might have been a great guy but he chose to hang out with a group of people that are not good guys. Take the time to search this group out on you tube of videos they posted. They ride like idiots and have no respect for laws. This is not the first assault they have done. The man that was ran over will now have to live with his choice to hang out with criminals.

    • Sparrow

      “The biker that was ran over might have been a great guy but he chose to hang out with a group of people that are not good guys.”

      I have to disagree.

      Birds of same feather fly together. This bird has a long police arrest records and his driver license was revoked. He broke the law before he was ran over. He is/was no great guy, period.
      I am glad he now gets to do his riding on a wheelchair. That is one less menace for society. The only sad part is our tax dollars will pay for his medical bills and food stamps.

      • Nu Shawn

        haha, your tax dollars would have paid for his medical bills and food stamps anyway, he’s black

        • Marie

          WOW!!! Ignorance at its best…

  • Justice

    Glad one of them will never ride again! put these animals behind bars. They were out to terrorize the public. They got what they deserved!

  • Ralph George

    Put the idiot behind bars for good and do society a HUGE favor. This guy is pure scum and deserves to rot now!

  • http://Yahoo Dick Hertz

    This guy probably sells crack to 12 year olds and pimps out 14 year olds.

  • dc

    cops that dont do the right thing…wow big surprise

  • Joe

    These dirtbag bikers (they really aren’t bikers) would have been in deep Do Do if they would have pulled that garbage in a state that allows concealed carry. Most of those states have “Castle Laws” which allow you to use deadly force in your car, home and business if you attacked in the same manner as the SUV owner.
    And who would have guessed that the dirtbags on the bikes would have criminal records? LOL…

  • wil2rob

    Not gonna defend his actions but if you watch the whole video the suv did run over the bikers before anyone smashed any windows or tried to open any doors. The suv driver also bumped one biker and knocked him off his bike. The smart thing to do would have been to just find another highway to take. I am all for defending yourself and never run from a fight. But with 100 or more bikers around, you might be smart enough not to push back. Just find and exit, slow down, call police and report. Never bump a biker when he is surrounded by 100 other bikers. I don’t want to defend the bikers because they were initially wrong, slowing traffic and being fools. But when the suv ran them over he was not yet in any imminent danger. No one tried to smash his windows or open his doors. Funny how when they did actually try to pull him out of the car, thats when he had a right to run them over, he just sat in traffic and did not try to get away at all. Sorry but it seems like a rich guy who has power in his office thought he had the same power in the street. Learn your place people, the world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. And they din’t touch the wife or kid. Real thugs would have. This was just some street justice. A few stitches and bruises. Bet next time he just get out of their way.

    • wil2rob

      Fixed typo

      And they didn’t touch the wife or kid. Real thugs would have. This was just some street justice. A few stitches and bruises. Bet next time he just gets out of their way.

      • missm70

        I would have ran ever one of the scumbags over! You people are crazy to sit here and defended this animals. Maybe it needs to happen to one of your families to see how you are talking like an idiot! No One has the right to put there hands on another human being! But then again people like those scumbags have no respect for human life!

      • ella

        idiot comment

        • missm70

          Boo who..ella don’t like my comment.

    • Joe S.

      What about the 3 cops who were part of this gang? And why would you allow these ‘hoods to dictate what highway you can drive on, are you a sissy? Criminals are called criminals for a reason, our prisons are over run with these black guys who think they are superior since we now have a black president. Take a trip to Chicago, Detroit, Camden, etc., the black & latin gangs rule neighborhoods like the terrorists they are. Open your eyes!!!

    • John Bestardo

      the mistake the driver made was not stopping and backing up two or three more times

    • http://yahoo shawn

      just a bunch of thugs ,Period !

    • gracie

      The “smart thing to do would have been to just find another highway to take”?? Like there are highways at every corner to just “take one” to avoid being assaulted by gang members? He ran over the biker because he felt his life was in danger, I would have done the same thing, my actions would have been justified, as so is the driver of the SUV. Don’t defend these criminal’s actions.

    • JDelRio

      I watched the video and apparently missed where the SUV driver ran over any bikers before he bumped into Mr. Cruz, who appears to have cut him off and then slowed down in front of the SUV, causing the accident. Also, according to most reports:

      – It appears that the bikers surrounded the SUV on the highway making it nearly impossible for the driver to exit.
      – It also appears that the bikers surrounded the SUV after it stopped in order to prevent it from going anywhere.
      – Some of the bikers were spiking the SUV’s tires and banging on it when it initially stopped after hitting Mr. Cruz – certainly if this is the case, one can understand why Mr. Lien would have thought himself and his family to be in imminent danger.
      – The family did call 911 numerous times.
      – At one point after the chase began and before it ended, the SUV had stopped and one of the bikers tried to open the driver’s door (this was in the video).
      – Once stuck in traffic, the SUV had nowhere to go.
      – There is a report from an eyewitness who also intervened that a biker went after the wife and let her go when bystanders yelled at him to leave her alone – (if this is true, would you then consider them to be thugs, or would this still fall under “street justice” that you seem to think is acceptable? Or would you find some other reason to justify the bikers’ behavior?)

    • TC

      *I agree completely. I feel like the driver could have easily just let the bikers pass or could have chose another highway to take. It’s unfortunate that the driver was beaten but he did run over a man who may never walk again. How can we be sympathetic to one victim but not the other? The driver could have made better decisions to avoid all of this. Yes the bikers were foolish for riding aggressively, but you have to pick and choose your battles folks. And I don’t feel like it’s about race at all. This just boils down to stupid decisions and pride on both ends.

    • Jae

      Clearly you did now follow up on the story and you have no heart. They pulled the wife out of the car and tried to attack her, but it was bystanders that convinced them not to. Did you even watch the video? He was surrounded and blocked, where did it look like he even had a chance to find an exit. You don’t gang up on someone and not expect them to react, they could’ve had guns for all he knew.

    • Jason

      Hey Wil2Rob, you know you can’t see the part of the video when he did pull over after he hit the first guy, right? Then, according to reports, they started slashing his tires, and were starting to become violent. That is when he took off and ran over the bikers that were trying to “block” him, and they took off after him.
      And it wasn’t a few stitches, they turned off the camera and were kicking him in the head, Reginald Dennehy-style. They were about to go after the wife and child when bystanders stepped in…the point is that the Range Rover had every right to run those guys over and i hope they all get what they deserve. It’s called assault at a minimum.

      I love your “smart thing to do” comment when this guy is in the middle of this thing. Be nice to be able to pull over and have a nice conversation, which he tried the first time, and the mob mentality started taking over. Which is why he took off, he was about to get killed. Hope that motorcycler that got run over realizes its not a good idea to stand in front of a car.

  • chris

    His client seems to have a bad habit of “over-reacting” to things. Arrested 21 times in the past. Am I wrong when I suggest that if you have been arrested 21 times (who knows how many times he got away with things) you really need a good “time out” in one of the state’s finer rehabilitation facilities??

    Long enough that when he gets out, he is motivated not to do another 21 crimes.

  • Joe S.

    This guy has been arrested 21 times & he’s still allowed t/b free? No doubt his blackness & having A BLACK LAWYER gives him special privileges according to our black AG, YEAH RIGHT! He needs to have both fingers stuck up his lawyers arse, punks like him think who they are, & one day for sure he’s going to pull his act on the wrong guy & up pops the devil!!!

    • D Huratz

      Unless he committed federal crimes, the AG would not be involved at all. Is it really necessary to inject your mindless politically-motivated drivel into everything? Grow up.

      • Bob

        Violation of civil rights, as a hate crime is charged, is a Federal offense. But I forgot that Eric Holder publically stated at the beginning of his term that blacks couldn’t be charged with hate crimes. So you are correct, no matter how blatant it is.

  • http://yahoo Olivia

    Black/race should not be the focal point here. These “men” were out of control thugs. White people commit crimes too; not necessarily the same type of crimes, but crimes none the less. Murder being the worst, followed by rape. Last time I checked, just about every race of people have committed these types of crimes. We don’t need to list them because that would take too long, but how about we talk about the viciousness of this crime, without mentioning race? Ted Bundy murdered quite a few beautiful, young, innocent White girls, Son of Sam, White couples, John Wayne Gacey, almost 100 little White boys. Black on Black crime tends to happen in the ghettos of many cities. Yes, there are Black serial murderers, but they don’t outnumber White serial killers and yes, Blacks have murdered in middle-class Black neighborhoods, again not as often as in predominately Black ghetto neighborhoods. A lot of crimes are committed in poor White neighborhoods, and poor Hispanic neighborhoods. These crimes are about people who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds, regardless of what race they’re from.

  • loren

    where is Jessie Jackson and al sharpon trying to convince us that they were ok to do what they did or forming a march to back these thugs.double edge sword

  • http://yahoo Olivia

    There’s no totally innocent race of people, and no totally guilty race of people. I don’t care what the numbers are. I’m sure the parents of the kids who were killed by their White classmates in Columbine didn’t care whether their children were killed by a White person or a Black person. How about the kids killed at Virginia Tech? Do you think their parents said, “Well at least my kid was killed by an Asian?” Measuring crime, especially murder is stupid. More crime is committed in poorer neighborhoods across all races of people. The press loves bad press and write about it all the time. They don’t write good news stories because good news doesn’t sell. So, the general public doesn’t know about my granddaughter’s basketball coach, who has been coaching for 15 years, and none of the girls he’s coached has gotten pregnant; the majority of them have gotten scholarships (basketball and academic), and graduated from college. Who cares about that? That’s just one tiny story, I know of thousands of stories like this, as do my friends and family members who happen to be Black, White, Hispanic, Pilipino, and African to name a few. It’s not the race, it’s the person who’s at fault.

  • D_azz

    Please, Please, PLEASE make an example of these guys. Not a sweep it under the carpet example, but a full blown hang them in the town square example. Our legal system isn’t a deterrent for these individuals so how about something a bit stronger. I have about 1000 ideas but non seem harsh enough. I can only hope that these F#@*heads do us all a favor and put a bullet in their own brains. Just like that piece of pond scum in Ohio that held, tortured and raped those 3 women. He did it correctly, he hung himself. Well done D-bag, well done.

  • sean

    if you gang bang in the end you end up one of three places, dead, in jail for life, or seriously injuried you make your choice. The problem is society says its the cool thing to do, not just in rap but in all music forms when your around the wrong crowd you will be influenced.

  • jake

    what an idiot!!! (olivia) your a pacifist white chick
    you said not to focus on race for this incident, but your whole spout
    was on race. what was your point again? oh! did you want to say something like its not race, but wait. he was a black man who did it .a few of them as well. its not stereotyping when THEY DID IT!
    YOU FOOL!!! and the next time a biker stops in front of you and hits
    you on purpose get the f out the way,but by god try to be nice.
    maybe you can get someone else to try to save you, if your lucky

    • Shika

      Olivia is probably banging a black man! That’s why she so defensive! LOL!

  • jake

    this is not about race,and if you bring it up YOUR the racist.
    its simple bikers harassed an innocent driver minding his own biz
    with his family in the car. they boxed him in ,made him stop in the middle of the street.probably theatening him and he reacted like anyone would. in the vid you can see they tried to open his door
    drag him out when he slammed the gas and took off
    good for him!! this was a bunch of punk ass wunnabees out on a ride
    to mess with other people nothing more nothing less.
    i would of ran F ers over as well, he should of back up and did it again

  • Johntrice

    Just another classic example of the so-called white aristocracy seeking to punish a black man. If this driver of the alleged SUV was black, the white controlled news media would be calling for his extermination. Racism raises it’s ugly head each and every day of the year. Many of these events are a conspiracy between the Klan and white power groups all orchestrated to put black men behind bars at any cost. Couldn’t do it to OJ the first time so they kepts on trying till they fried him. My brothers and sisters we must rise up and take what should be ours. Our time is now!

    • Shika

      Yea, the white man made OJ break into that Las Vegas hotel room! Damn maggots! LOL!

    • txagcol1

      Yes, there were racists here and they were the bikers. You had a bunch of bikers who thought an Asian would make an easy target. The man was defending his wife and baby! Some of the most racist people are blacks. Many are hypocrites who cry racism instead of owning up to their own actions. Yet these same “fine” people say derogatory racist comments towards Asians and Hispanics. These bikers were a bunch of thugs and got what they deserved. It is just too bad that more weren’t run over.

    • http://Yahoo Shelly

      I hope these thuggish men get some jail time, especially the one flipping the bird to the media. If looks could convict – they would go to prison.

  • Dean

    I’ll see your one…and RAISE it!

  • FSilvermane

    Ahhh shows just how upstanding and virtuous these Bikers [and I use the term Bikers under protest because these are thugs not Bikers] are,…. I mean so what he has a long police record [even money says many of his 21 arrests are for violence], what he has all the decorum of a hoodlum [I mean seriously “flipping off” the people in court],… so what his lawyer seems to think the rest of us are either Illiterate or Stupid,…. he is still a good guy and deserves to be freed,..I mean he is a victim and a minority so The Man is oppressing him,……atleast that is what people want us to think. Too many people are trying to make these Hoodlums into the victims. Now I do hope for the recovery of the guy who is paralyzed and for those who were injured. The driver did what he had to do to escape these hoodlums and sadly some of the bikers refused to move and got run over. Did they deserve to get run over,,… but they also put themselves in the position [ie: in front of the SUV that was driving forward] to be run over.

  • Craig

    I believe the assault was racially motivated – the attacker was black, his victim was Asian.

  • sameold

    he was arrested 21 times? no really what happened? of course he was arrested 21 times. no smart, rational person would ride their motorcycles like a bunch of immature idiots. no responsible or adult person would ride their motorcycles erratically causing an accident. of course he would be flipping the bird, a rotten egg doesn’t fall too far from a cock’s ass.

  • belchalicious

    another dick arrested

  • Kelli

    I agree that race is not the main focus here. It’s about these idiots who outnumbered this man just enjoying a day out with his wife and child. Sure this guy was ‘trying to identify the driver’ just like he ‘gently tapped’ the drivers window with a helmet right? Flipping off the camera is definitely ignorance on his part and should serve a long time in jail, if not the rest of his life. 21 arrests? Put away this idiot for good! This Asian guy was easy on them cuz I would’ve ran them over and backed up and went forward till my car was smashed up to finish the job. Cowards motorxyclists who think they can outnumber me? I would run u over too.

  • biff

    im just glad the driver wasnt white. this would have been because of racial profiling

  • Kaptain Amerika

    yep! it’s a nigger! niggers always got lame fantasies like they a rapper or basketball star. this pathetic piece of afroturd just happens to have a biker fantasy and like always any one who puts his delusion into question is victim of a chimpout

    • Ewart howell

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