Suspended Publisher Sues AdSense

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Google AdSense has been sued for $250,000 by a woman, reports Steve Bryant at eweek.

Theresa B. Bradley, a management consultant has filed a lawsuit against Google because "it took her 100 hours to place and review  AdSense advertisements on her Web site, which Google subsequently removed." According to Bradley, after the HTML codes were placed on www.bravecorp.com.

She asked Google to remove several competing AdSense advertisements. However, Google not only removed AdSense completely but also accused Bradley of violating AdSense policies by clicking on her own ads. If Bradley is to be believed, she clicked  her ads only "to verify that the advertisers were not selling competing products". She did not comment further on the lawsuit. Bryant reports that Bradley also sued Yahoo! in August.


Suspended Publisher Sues AdSense
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