Susan Sarandon Claims She Was Denied Security Clearance to White House

Actress states the government hacked her phone

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Susan Sarandon, in case you haven’t heard, is a liberal, and she’s not ashamed share her frequently unpopular thoughts and opinions with the world. During a 75-minute chat sponsored by the Tribeca Film Festival, the “Thelma & Louise” star admitted that she was denied security clearance at the White House. However, anyone who’s kept up with Sarandon shouldn’t be overly surprised by this news. Politically speaking, she’s really not that well liked, particularly since she isn’t above speaking her mind regarding extremely sensitive matters.

During the conversation — which included controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore — an audience member asked if the pair thought they were being watched by the government. Sarandon was extremely quick to point out that she had, in fact, acquired her file courtesy of the Freedom of Information Act. Regarding the security clearance issue, the actress said she had no idea why she wasn’t allowed access to the White House.

Sarandon also claims that the government hacked and tapped her phone, an accusation that was mirrored by Moore.

As you can tell by the Twitter comments below, the only person who seems genuinely perplexed about the security issue is Sarandon. What do you think about Sarandon’s remarks? Is she dangerous enough to be prevented from setting foot inside the White House? Let us know in the comments section.

Susan Sarandon: “The Government Hacked My Phone”. No surprise to us my dear Susan In #Lebanon it is a national sport. http://t.co/VyRAXW5x(image) 20 minutes ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Susan Sarandon reminds me of my Mom. I don’t know where she lives and I don’t have her phone number.(image) 2 days ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Actress susan sarandon was denied access to the whitehouse secret service said she was a security risk, but prostitutes are not ?(image) 5 hours ago via Twitter for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Susan Sarandon Says White House Denied Security Clearance, Interviews M Moore @huffingtonpost” rel=”nofollow”>http://t.co/ZvcvtdG8@huffingtonpost~ Well she is a Commie LOL(image) 25 minutes ago via The Huffington Post ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Oh no heaven forbid! RT @HuffingtonPost: Susan Sarandon says she was denied a White House security clearance http://t.co/k0KuFNdS(image) 15 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Susan Sarandon Claims She Was Denied Security Clearance to White House
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  • tina

    Y was she denied d house?

  • http://facebook Carol

    Susan Sarandon dangerous? My 88 yoa neighbor (ww2 vet) just said this just shows how far this country has deteriorated.

  • anders

    She is wacky, but I would definitely give her awesome RACK clearance to enter the WH! … Clinton would’ve during his reign >:)

    • Linda

      I like Susan S. she is a agreat actress and I love her on Big C. on Showtime…..Many say I look alot like her …I guess I do….but that is besides the issue ….. I hope they keep her on Big C…she has really made the show exciting……

      • Big Bad Wolf

        Trust but verify. Pics please.

      • ron

        if u look like her can i have ur number

  • http://facebook Carol

    Susan Sarandon dangerous. My 88 yoa neighbor (ww2 vet) says this just shows how far this country has deteriorated.

    • al

      ur a woman and ure that stupid? amazing

  • drake

    You mean unlike Rush who is very hesitant about speaking his mind and everything he says everyone likes.

  • A. Heighley

    Wasn’t denied because she is dangerous. It’s because she’s stupid and dumb.

    • Kevin

      Stupid and dumb? I guess that means you’re redundant and you repeat yourself.

    • Isis

      If you really think she’s stupid you need to learn a thing or two. She is highly educated and extremely aware of what is going on in this world. If you disagree with her that’s one thing, as long as it’s just disagreement with her opinions. But to think she is stupid on a factual level would mean that you are ignorant since she speaks the truth.

      + what Kevin said. Hahahahaha…

      • rla

        And your opinion of Sarah Palin is? Let’s be consistent now.

  • Stephanie Buckley

    I agree with A. Heighley she is stupid and dumb and who cares about her opinions!

    • al

      yo momma!



      • Tammi Georgianna

        She will be forever young in my book. She is a beautiful, intelligent, and classy lady.

      • ruth french

        u mean she is a old lady caus she may have a cat…i am soooo sorry to believe there are people like u that are so stupid and ignorant in this country……… .ruth

    • Isis

      If you really think she’s stupid you need to learn a thing or two. She is highly educated and extremely aware of what is going on in this world. If you disagree with her that’s one thing, as long as it’s just disagreement with her opinions. But to think she is stupid on a factual level would mean that you are ignorant since she speaks the truth.

    • JJ

      Highly EDUCATED… I guess that depends on ur level of eduction…Please…. She did go to college but lets get real she didn’t go to Harvard

    • lela

      lela i care about her opinion because she takes the words right out of my mouth. CONservatives are threaten by strong intelligient women. They think women are only put on this earth to service a man. i have news for them. any woman that votes for the party(republican) is a moron and voting against their own best interest.

      • Bud

        Most of you liberals are truly illiterate, aren’t you? I have read through many of the posts here, and it appears that if you managed to graduate eight grade English, you are automatically a conservative!

        If you insist upon having a childish, obnoxious opinion…at least learn how to spell it correctly.

        • Sue

          Clearly you do not know the first thing about what a conservative person believes in. I am a highly educated woman who also happens to be a conservative. I am also married, raise children, and work a full time job. I have also served my country with distinction in the active duty Air Force. I believe in the freedom of speech, even for ignorant people such as yourself. It is people like you who give liberals a bad name. Conservative people tend to be just that…CONSERVATIVE! We do not (often) feel the need to scream our opinions and tell everyone who doesn’t agree with them that they are stupid or morons. We leave the loud mouth, obnoxious behavior to you. As for Susan Sarandon, she has a right to her opinions, but just because she is an actress does not grant her the automatic right to the White House or a public pulpit. This country is falling apart, because people are listening to the political opinions of celebrities rather then seeking the facts for themselves. She’s a phenomenal actress, but her opinions are irrelevant.

        • andre

          I am an educated women who votes for the Party. Republican.. It is the only one. Libtards are idiots.

    • Trish

      I don’t agree that she is stupid and dumb. I do agree with who cares about her opinions! It seems like people place their votes on actors, singers and daily show hosts tell them instead of knowing the facts!

  • k. canfield

    Stick with acting Susan or move to a Communist country where you can be more comfortable –

    Oh wait….you can’t – no freedom of speech!

    • Isis

      Clearly you have no idea what communism is or you have no idea what she believes.

      • GregA

        Susan has every right to speak her mind. She is a “liberal” which is far from a Communist in my book. I am a liberal too, and I am not afraid to speak my mind. I guess I would never be granted WH clearance either…LOL! Susan I will stand behind you!

  • carol

    susan is not dangerous enough to be denied white house access. she’s just not afraid to speak her mind, which im this country, seems to be a contradiction to our amendment rights, one of which is freedom of speech. look around, wake up, smell the coffee and all those other cliches. there is no freedom of much of anything anymore. ESPECIALLY if you’re white.

    • Laura

      I’m sorry, WHAT?! Forget the Susan Sarandon issue…Carol, if you think that we have no freedom in this country, why don’t you take a tour to Africa or China, where women in particular have NO rights.

      • andre

        One which is clearly being threatened by your Nancy Peloci.

    • Hal

      Susan Sarandon is the type of liberal who gives liberals a bad name. She is intolerant of any opinions contrary to her own, and believes her status as a celebrity entitles her to constantly force her opinions upon the public. These attitudes appear to be the norm among celebrity liberals. It is these “qualities” of hers and her like-minded celebrities that I take issue with.

      To your point about White people not being allowed to speak their minds: I am in complete agreement with you.

    • http://bettybramblett.com Betty

      you are so right!

  • Bridget

    I don’t see why she should have been denied for her opinions. If that is the case then President Obama should be denied access as well.

  • GMich

    Not to worry Susan. I have just finished painting MY house white, and you are cleared to enter it ANY time you wish! :)

    • charminine

      that is a smart one

  • judie

    I think she is just getting more ridiculous the older she gets. Maybe she should hook up with Moore and just continue being idiots.

  • dona

    Because she is not a sheep and a coward like the rest of the little Americans.

    • al

      right on

  • Nancy

    I didn’t get an invite to begin with.

  • Kevin

    What’s the deal with posting tweets? Is that considered reporting these days, citing anonymous ill-informed sources?

  • http://oilcountry.proboards.com Stephen

    Some People just don’t get politics, including Ms. Sarandon and Mr. Moore, the answer is obvious on why you were denied access to the White House. Sarandon and Moore are like that embarassing relative that no one ever wants to talk about. In the world of politicis no on wants bad press and that is all Sarandon and Moore ever bring.

    • Tammi Georgianna

      Bad press, in your opinion, only truth, to others!

      • Will

        So the truth is that Castro and Chavez are wonderful people whose countries a thriving under their leadership?

  • MichaelT

    She was denied entrance to the white house by the Obama administration and her phone was hacked?
    But of course she doesn’t blame Obama, but would in a heartbeat blame Bush.



  • MGy

    Susan does have a nice rack. Maybe that’s why she has no brain matter to think logically with!

    • http://Yahoo Kristal F

      Yes, she does, but you are a jerk.

  • http://Yahoo Kristal F

    I don’t know of any reason sufficient for Ms. Sarandon to be denied a White House security clearance. There is not enough information to make a satisfactory guess. I doubt that it has anything to do with her film career. She has a right to free speech like all Americans, and I have not heard anything she has said that is threatening. She was kind and gracious to chat with a friend and me after a brilliant performance of Agnes of God in 1984 or maybe ’83 at Ohio University. She almost went out with us, until she decided I was the wingman for my male friend, but she was nice and beautiful, and her performance was brilliant. It made me cry.

  • joyce

    I was at the seminar yesterday. It was well conducted and informative. Of course Democratic ideals were stressed…do not Republicans do the same in their arenas? Michael Moore suggested that there were other pressing issues which needed to be investigated, those being 1. our schools and 2. immigration reform.

    Hopefully he is working on both, for they are intimately related. As a teacher and a registered Democrat, I find myself questioning which way to vote come November. HELP!!!!!

    • Isis

      Well if you want to lose all your civil rights and move to a police state with corporations having free reign then vote Republican.
      If you want women’s rights to be non-existent then vote Republican.
      If you want to get rid of Medicare and Social Security then vote Republican.
      Even if you are unhappy with Obama because he keeps governing like an old school Republican such as Reagan, you need to vote for him to keep the Supreme Court from becoming even more extreme right wing and activist. Remember, they were the ones who appointed Bush pResident and who are responsible for Citizens United decision which completely eroded the meaning of democracy.

      • Hal

        Interesting deduction regarding the 2000 election.

        I was under the impression that Florida, with its then Republican Governor, and then 67% Republican majority, and its status as the No 3 state to carry out the death penalty, was in fact a more logical choice for the Republican candidate to win rather than the Democratic candiate.

      • gary

        Drinking the kool-aide. Most liberals are ignorant of FACTS. Their FEELINGS are more important to them. Forget about the unintended consequences or their actions as long as they feel good about bad decisions.

        • Sandy

          Speaking of living “ignorant of FACTS”. Using Rovian tactics of attacking your own strategy of dismissing anything outside your preferred reality. And then a long rambling nonsensical sentence explaining it all. Look in the mirror and say your own words to that face. May have to repeat. and repeat. and repeat. Bless you.

      • james

        OMG.That is the stupidest thing that I have read here yet,You must receive welfare that is why you are a Obama supporter,To say that Obama governs like Reagan is a joke you have no clue of what you are talking about go study the things Reagan did and then take a really good look at what Obama is doing if you have any brains at all you will see the differance and would change your mind as to the way that you would vote.But chances are your parents were democrat and so you are just following in there footsteps.

        • Linda

          My parents are Democrats and Me and my sisters, husbands and children are conservative. I asked my parents who they will vote for this year. They said they are not. That tells you something about the president we have now.

      • Bud

        Oh wow! what will you ever do when you finally figure out that the enemy in your life isn’t the Republican boogie-man, but your very own self? The common thread in all of your disfunctional situations is YOU my friend…



  • Fernando G J

    She was planning to smash a cake in Obummer’s face

  • kiotsg

    Another movie star who thinks someone cares about her opinion. What a dumb broad.

  • grassman96

    I don’t think she was denied a white house visit because she is a security risk. I think it was that she is just annoying.

  • Peli

    Wake up America! I pray that we get more Susan Sarandon’s and Michael Moore’s. How sad that America has forgotten about our Freedom of Speech. But To share the truth!! Go get um Susan and Michael.

    • Hal

      If Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore are examples of truth tellers, then why does Susan speak from a skewed point-of-view which completely dismisses any opposing opinions and why does Michael Moore include false information and “facts” taken out of context in his documentaries?

  • Pamela Husted

    The White House is OUR HOUSE not “HIS” HOUSE. NOTICE THAT–ALONG WITH TED (NUGENT)and I am right wing of Attila the Hun–ARE BEING DENIED THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!! FBO (and that is NOT “Friends of Barak Obama) just keeps chipping away and doing whatever he damned well pleases! And MGy, you misogynist you; get a brain yourself–dangling participles. Let me invite you to look up that word. It appears you need to know it. I’d imagine if she has a nice rack you have a little ding-dong :-) Have a nice day!

    • http://Yahoo! Miles

      Do I agree with you about that the White House is OUR HOUSE.I
      have this question to asked you Pamela.Do really believe in Ted
      Nugent?This a man that said while talking about President Obama
      and others that we must chop there heads off.You really think that Ted Nugent has first amendment right to say that? I don’t think so.Ted Nugent just has hate for President Obama and others
      and that just plain wrong.After reading Susan S story here another question for you Pamela.Do you really think without proper ID that Susan S should have been allow into the White
      House? Of course not.Remember Pamela,there things know as rules
      and rules must apply when wanting to enter the White House.
      Have a nice day.

  • Awake

    I love Susan S. She is one of my favorite stars and I often share her political views. She is outspoken as I am. I can see why she’d be banned from the whitehouse because if she saw something that concerned her she’d speak out about it.

    • Hal

      Does this mean the current administration could have something to hide from the American people?

  • Isis

    You have a typo in your article. It should read her “frequently POPULAR thought and opinions”. If it’s not a typo how about some statistics to back that up? Or is this, in fact, not a news story at all and just an opinion piece?

  • ken

    What we have here…..is the tragic failure of contraception……

    • Bud

      or the tragic lack of the abortion she so fervently defends….

  • Mark Saulys

    Stupid, dumb and controversial, yeah! She thinks people should love each other and treat each other fairly.
    We know we’re in trouble when that is considered stupid, dumb and controversial.

  • Jesse Capp

    Her opinions are unpopular with who? You scumbucket republican dinosaurs who still think women should keep their mouths shut and stay in their place? And I have a news flash for you Todd Rigney. When you put a political slant on your news coverage, it ceases to be news coverage. It is just the fake news, just like Fox news. Why don’t all you republicans go away. Just go find an island somewhere where you can be as ignorant and backwards and greedy and war-mongering as you like, while leaving decent people, meaning people who DO have a heart and a soul and a conscience, alone?

    • Vince

      You’re a joke, Jesse Crapp. People like YOU are the reason this country sucks the way it does now. No backbone. Without the “war-mongering”, as you so foollishly put it, you’d be speaking either German or Chinese right now. You call these people “decent”? Maybe you should go take another Crapp in the park, and cry about how you’re not given any handouts from the people that actually DO something for this country. Loser.

      • Bluechristy

        Vince You are a mindless idiot

    • Bluechristy

      I agree with You Jesse
      I suppose if we do not Goose step with the Right ( Reich ) wing we are unpopular

  • Isis

    Wow! Plus… who says she’s not well liked politically? She’s extremely well liked politically. What a smear piece this is. If you want to write for a site that has “news” in the title you should be more professional and hide your bias at least a tiny bit.
    *rolls eyes*

    • Bluechristy

      I agree with You Isis

  • Cal

    Wow, it still amazes me to read some of the garbage people have time to write. That’s why this post is a once in a very blue moon event for me. Not that anyone should care, but Communist? Come on people! Well, I’m headed back to work, like most adults.

  • terry

    My comment is that Todd Rigney wrote an article that is intended to incite and the lack of content and thereby research means this is just some filler material. The unfortunate aspect is that way to many bought a ticket to ride this train. If we do not feed into it, they will stop publishing it. My ticket was half price!

  • Ciro

    Everyone has to remember that FREE SPEECH is a right guaranteed by the constitution. You can say anything you want to anyone that will listen,BUT, you are responsible for your remarks and any consequences caused by them.THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

  • Vince

    Everything is a conspiracy with those idiots. These people are so Anti-American, that it’s pitiful. I’m sick of people like this making our country look bad. It’s fools like these that make the United States of America the laughing stock of the world. We’re reduced to our “political correctness”, afraid to offend anyone whether they’re right or wrong. They can bash and sya whatever they please about whomever they please, but OOHHHH, don’t you DARE say anything wrong about them or their kind. That’s a protest waiting to happen. What a fikkin’ joke. Try that crap in ANY other country, and see if you don’t have your a$$ handed to you. These people take ADVANTAGE of their freedom. Sorry a$$e$.

    • Bluechristy

      You are a goose stepping mindless idiot twice over Vince

  • sever

    Everyone is assuming that what she is claiming is true. Sometimes radical people like to believe they’re being watched, ect, so they can feel important. And god forbid an actress is not given some sort of attention. That goes for Moore too.

  • Theresa

    Well not much has changed in Hollywood as far as the Govt is concerned. Remember ( many wont ) the “blacklisting” of decades ago. You really dont think that they stopped that practice did you? When you have public figures such as actors and actress that hold alot of regard in the public eye ( not for me but for many) and their personal political viewpoints carry alot of power- of course the Govt is going to watch and be concerned, especially with people like Moore and Sarandon and especially from the Democratic party where they are a bit more visual and vocal about their stand. Sadly the Republicans ( and I have voted both tickets in the past so I dont support solely 1 party) recently have Ted Nugent as their current poster child ( i feel for the repubs now) but the celebs have never fully been taken off the polical radar.

  • psands58

    well I dont know enough about her to say whether she should be denied access to the white House but I mean seriously? Dont we have more security problems to worry about than a washed up 60 plus actress?

  • Marc

    Susan, Get over yourself.

  • Dago T

    Seems to me the dork who wrote this isn’t ashamed of offering his or her opinions, either.

  • surge

    if the white house cant handle the plain straight comments from the public, the personnel working at the WH shouldnt be there in the first place.

  • colleen h kennedy

    Susan is an excellent movie star but I think she needs to keep quiet about her politics. Look what happened when Oprah supported Obama openly?! We got a real loser for that office. These TV and movie stars don’t live in “our world” and should stay out of it with their opinions.

  • J. S. Inzerillo

    I do not know of any die-hard liberals that are not in favor of bigger and stronger government so “Ma Government” can offer an “utter” of subsistence to anyone wily enough to latch on to it. Government control comes in many forms and holds many consequences when ANY freedoms are forfeited for personal security . . . . maybe Ms. Sarandon can now open her eyes to what conservatives have preached for many years . . . probably not !!

  • Bob

    That bimbo and her X old man are both a couple of subversive commie pinko’s. Obamas’ got enough problems trying to get re-elected without admitting someone to the White House who is even more of a leftist (if that’s possiable) than he is.

  • Beckmesser

    It is truly depressing to read some of these responses. To disagree with another person’s political beliefs is one thing, but to use that as a justification to expose one’s childish vulgarity and intolerance of others’ free speech rights is just disgusting.

  • Bernie

    Not to worry Susan. If there enough Dems like me that are changing at least their Presidential vote this year, you will be allowed in the White house.

  • Turtle

    Poor, pathetic paranoid Obama!

  • Tom Smith

    Her and Michael Moore need to just give up their citizenship and move to Venezuela. Then they will be home!!!

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