Surviving A Google Ban

    May 7, 2008

It happens… even to the most accomplished SEO professionals.

Last August Dan Thies revealed the amazing story about how Brad Fallon, Stompernet founder and owner of was kicked out of Google, because of people exploiting bugs in Google.

For many people the "proxy hacking" explanation was extremely complicated to understand (I struggled), but what wasn’t revealed was how Brad’s company survived (and grew) without his top Google listings.

It is now revealed, in a 54 minute video with typical (extraordinary) Stompernet style.


Note: I just checked in on the proxy hacking post and it seems Google might be taking action on this particular issue

I love the free videos and tools that Stompernet produce for their product launches, you can learn so much and there is no pressure selling – you can also pick up some great tips on how to improve the production quality of your own videos.

Get the free video here

p.s. you don’t have to give your email address to watch all of this 54 minute video, but I do suggest you sign up to get notifications for when they release future segments.