Survior: Blood Vs. Water Names A Winner

    December 16, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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During Sunday night’s finale of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, host Jeff Probst crowned this season’s winner.

This season, veteran players were pitted against their loved ones to find out who would be the sole survivor. After a long series of twists, turns, and challenges, the competition finally came down to the final three, Tyson Apostol, Monica Culpepper, and Gervase Peterson. During the live two-hour finale, Probst announced the winner and sole survivor…Apostol. Clupepper came in second with Peterson finishing in third. Apostol secured seven of the jury’s votes, Culpepper received one vote, and Peterson received none.

Survivor has already been renewed for a 29th and 30th season, with Probst remaining the host. The next season will premier in February and will feature three tribes: one of brains, one of brawn and one of beauty.

“‘Survivor’ has been blessed with incredibly loyal fans,” said Probst. “We make this show for them and I am thrilled that we get to do it again.” Executive producer Mark Burnett added, “I am thrilled that our fans get to continue their love affair with ‘Survivor’ on CBS through 2015. This current season has become one of the most-loved seasons ever and I promise our fans to make season 29 and 30 even better.”

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    not sure why people of color never win! I may be putting my foot in my but however, I think there should be a show with Mexicans, blacks and whites on an even playing field and see who comes out on top.
    because its not fair that you only have one or two Mexicans or one or two blacks and the rest whites because the other people will always be voted off or not voted for at all. I am disappointed in survivor. There I said it. by the way I am of another persuasion neither black or Mexican just an observer.