Survey Suggests Majority Oppose Taxes to Save Journalism

Some Potential FTC Recommendations Not Popular Among Those Polled

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Update: NYT’s Brad Stone has written another post about Pulse. He quotes a spokesperson for the Times, who says, "We want to be clear that we are willing to work with Pulse, but only under our terms of use."

More here.

Original Article: As we referenced in an earlier article, the Federal Trade Commission is considering whether or not it can step in and save journalism. A "staff discussion" document from the FTC proposes some ideas for "Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism".

Among the ideas in the document are various taxes. For example, a 5% tax on consumer electronics is mentioned. The document suggests this would generate about $4 billion annually. An ISP-cell phone tax is also mentioned, which the document says would generate $6 billion annually.

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,000 adults about such taxes. Here are some of the results they are reporting:

New York Times on iPad - Would you support taxes on consumer electronics like the iPad to save journalism? – 84% oppose a 3% tax on monthly cell phone bills to help newspapers and traditional journalism. 10% favor it.

– 76% oppose a proposed 5% tax on the purchase of consumer electronic items such as computers, iPads and Kindles to help support newspapers and traditional journalism. 16% support it.

– 74% oppose the proposal to tax web sites like the Drudge Report to help the newspapers they draw their headlines from. 18% of Adults favor placing an additional tax on Internet news sites.

– 71% oppose the creation of a taxpayer-funded program that would hire and pay young reporters to work for newspapers around the country. 14% support such a program, while 15% are undecided.

– 58% of Americans are confident that online and other news sources will make up the difference if many newspapers go out [of] business.

It’s important to note that at the beginning of the document, it says, "This draft does not represent final conclusions or recommendations by the Commission or FTC staff; it is solely for purposes of discussion," but still, these are potential policy recommendations.

Would you support any of the taxes mentioned? Share your thoughts here.

Survey Suggests Majority Oppose Taxes to Save Journalism
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  • Guest

    Pardon my filthy french, but how’s the F tax is going to save journalism? Media is owned by a handfull of corporations that censor information, and help the state move propoganda (iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, iran nuclear weapons, etc).

    Please explain how in the hell taxing people can help journalism? Give fatter paychecks to anchors who can spend hours talking about fking tiger woods (no disrespect to the fella)?

    For all I know let the big media die, they only disinform people.

  • Guest

    Wanna save journalism? Reverse all the damage done a few years back when all the FTC restrictions on media ownership were raped and gutted. Shut down the liars at Fox, CNN, and their ilk.

    In short, what “Pardon my filthy french” said.

  • America

    The media is already a huge left wing machine with few cogs in opposition. Ask ANY main sewer media hack (print or TV) to recite the Journalist’s creed. I dare you. They will either look at you with glazed eyes – as in they don’t even know what you’re talking about – or they will start foaming at the mouth.

    The internet in a decade has battered down their arrogant, ivory towers even as the “journalists” have moved full tilt into editorialized news spin. Now, they are scared shhh itless that their numbers will continue to decline until nearly all print news media and much of the MSM will be marginalized out of existence. Look at the numbers. Newspapers across America are stopping the presses, the number of subscribers to MSM journalism keep falling. Why?

    Because Americans are long past being tired of the stilted crap they spew. They know we can & do get our information from multiple sources on the internet at a fraction of their cost. But even the subscription money is a piddling issue to them. They know that once we turn our backs on them their advertisers will too. THATs why the MSM hopes to be in bed with the Fed Gov and tax users to prop up their media scam. One more “share the wealth” plan to keep those who don’t deserve to be in business cranking out their tripe at taxpayer expense.

    There are plenty of examples of government intervention in media for us to see how badly it ends.
    USSR, North Korea, China, Iran. Isn’t it interesting that 230+ years ago the framers of the US Constitution knew exactly what they were doing!?!

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