Survey: RSS On the Rise Among Key Influencers

    August 29, 2005

Last week Nooked, the RSS search engine and directory of corporate RSS feeds, published the aggregated results of two connected surveys they conducted in March.

The first survey aimed to learn more about how industry analysts, journalists and bloggers use RSS; the second, to determine the rate of adoption of RSS in the PR/marketing arena. Nooked said 200 people took the surveys.

The conclusions:

  1. Journalists and analysts are demanding RSS feeds. RSS adoption is on the rise amongst key influencers and early adopters who have moved beyond the “RSS for beginners” stage and now demand information be delivered to them through a clean channel, in a specified location with specialist content.
  2. RSS must become part of the communication arsenal for PR and marketing professionals. RSS is a new technology and is not a replacement for email, instant messaging or phone communications but a way to enhance and complement existing communications activity while achieving 100% deliverability of demanded messages.

Visit the Nooked blog to see detailed commentary.

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