Suri Cruise Clamors to Have Ears Pierced

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One has to wonder what scientologist Tom Cruise is going to say about his daughter, Suri's, reported plea to get her ears pierced.

According to a source, the 7-year-old daughter of Cruise and Katie Holmes, who's been pictured with clip-on earrings in public, asked her mother if she could get them pierced for real.

Katie and Suri were spending the New Year at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach with Katie’s extended family at the time of the request.

“With a bodyguard and nanny, there were at least 17 of them,” said the spy who leaked the story of Suri's request.

Mother and daughter were filmed hanging out on the beach with Holmes' super-thin body clad in a bikini.

Cruise has recently been in the news involving a lawsuit against Bauer Publishing who publishes In Touch and Life & Style Magazines, for covers claiming he has abandoned his daughter following his divorce from Katie Holmes.

Suri has been in the spotlight from the day she was born, not an easy thing for such a young girl.

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Pam Wright