Suri Cruise Clamors to Have Ears Pierced

    January 5, 2014
    Pam Wright
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One has to wonder what scientologist Tom Cruise is going to say about his daughter, Suri’s, reported plea to get her ears pierced.

According to a source, the 7-year-old daughter of Cruise and Katie Holmes, who’s been pictured with clip-on earrings in public, asked her mother if she could get them pierced for real.

Katie and Suri were spending the New Year at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach with Katie’s extended family at the time of the request.

“With a bodyguard and nanny, there were at least 17 of them,” said the spy who leaked the story of Suri’s request.

Mother and daughter were filmed hanging out on the beach with Holmes’ super-thin body clad in a bikini.

Cruise has recently been in the news involving a lawsuit against Bauer Publishing who publishes In Touch and Life & Style Magazines, for covers claiming he has abandoned his daughter following his divorce from Katie Holmes.

Suri has been in the spotlight from the day she was born, not an easy thing for such a young girl.

Image via YouTube

  • Oh I Feel So Sorry for this Kid

    I feel so sorry for this little girl! Please. This girl is set for life and will never have to work, worry about money, or anything normal people do.

    I don’t know what is about WebProNews today. All the articles are about women and nonsense like this. You wonder why men make fun of women — it is because of articles like this.

    Women are so blind and play the victim card so often, they don’t realize when a girl is set for life. This girl could literally have zero talent and she will end up making millions in Hollywood just because of her name.

    Americans are so clueless. So utterly clueless as to what real suffering is. Maybe that is because they do all the bombing of countries and all the causing of suffering.

    But that is okay. You worry about little Suri’s pierced ears.

    • @Oh I Feel So Sorry for this Kid

      Americans are clueless in general. They actually believe a plane hit the Pentagon and their hasn’t been on picture showing it. The Pentagon is the worlds most secure building. It has more CCTV cameras than any other building in the world. There should be at least one picture. But then again, they didn’t even believe their own firefighters when they said bombs were going off in the towers. They just kind of ignored them.

      Doubt what I say? Listen to the fire fighters themselves. Paste this in your browser. Listen to the firefighters yourself:


      But Americans won’t, they are clueless and just want to be lied to.

    • Carolyn

      What’s wrong with that ? Jealous ? !

      • @Carolyn

        If you have to ask why this is ridiculous, then you will never understand. Half the kids in the world have to worry about having a full stomach every night.

    • Evy.

      You are trying to compare everyday normal people to celebrities is what it sounds like. Americans can be/are clueless but don’t ever say someone is “so utterly clueless” I’m currently losing my home for the 2nd time with my family. and my fathers job is on the line because his plant is closing. I have Kidney stones that are passing and I think growing still. My mother is sick and we don’t eat good enough. Not to mention the fact I have 2 younger siblings that are going through this as well. I don’t want to hear another fucking person say ever again, “Americans are so clueless. So utterly clueless as to what real suffering is” Do you even know what suffering is?

      Suri is a little girl. Instead of being jealous that she’s not suffering, Be happy for her. No child should have to suffer. No human in general should have to. But that is life. But for a moment, Put yourself in the little girl’s shoes. Don’t think about the stupid money, Think about the fact that You will never get to know what a normal life even is, You will never have privacy, never have real friends or relationships. Everyone will want to marry that girl when shes older because she is “Little Suri Cruise” Only for her money and looks, Never for her personality. Think about that for a moment and any other kid that is born into this. If you are growing up a “Normal person” and you CHOOSE to be in it all. That is on you. When you have children in the future. That child doesn’t get that choice. It’s not her fault shes “set for life”

      And it’s not the articles that make women look stupid or have men make fun of them. It’s when a woman thinks she knows what shes talking about is what makes her stupid and when she complains that She doesn’t have that pair of shoes, Yet she already has 20 pairs already, or doesn’t have the right color make up, THAT is the kind of shit that makes women look stupid and people make fun of us for.
      And its not only women that can play victim. Men can do it too. I’ve fallen for it. I don’t have an issue admitting it. Again something else i dont want to hear. “women do this!” If women can do it. Men can do it to. And some do.

      and ProWebNews is just a site that tries to be hip and trendy but it fails. It just follows what the majority of other sites do.

    • Anonymous

      for you to stereotype ALL Americans as superficial and uncaring simply makes you look like an ignorant asshole. I applaud you for broadcasting your ignorance of an entire country so freely behind your fucking computer screen…idiot.

      • Evy.

        There is a good chance that person isn’t American. Just a thought.

  • Carolyn

    Gee, most girls ears are pierced while they are infants, before age one, so they won’t mess with the ears and get them infected !

  • http://senselessramblingsofthemindless.wordpress.com/ Sandie

    I actually feel bad for this girl. Look at her face as everyone crowds in around her snapping her picture. She has her ears covered, crying in some and her face is hiding. I don’t see why they have to crowd in this close to her and her family. She didn’t make the choice to be photographed like this. I’m sure she is very spoiled and such. I guess I was paying more attention to her expressions while everyone was pushing and shoving. All kids will throw a fit for what they want. I’m sure the word no isn’t used often. It’s a whatever thing.

    • Hell People

      I half agree with you. But the reality is that in 10 years from now, this girl will use all this attention to her advantage.

      Look at that girl ….. Kylie Jenner….. I think that is her name. She was 15, posed in a bikini, and the press ate it up. Hell, the girl actually looks 25 but that is beside the point.

      The funny thing is the very women who are saying this is such a travesty are the very same women buying all the magazines that show the pictures. Men aren’t buying this crap. It is the women.

  • B

    Oh my god! a little girl wants her ears pierced, NO WAYYYY! A mother and daughter going to the movies!?? PREPOSTEROUS! Celebrities aren’t people, they don’t do people things!

    • Agreed

      seriously, I love Katie holmes to death but how is this news? sound more like gossip. no one cares lol

  • Reality

    Here is the reality. If people would stop buying the magazines, there would not be a demand for the picture and everyone would leave the little girl alone. But people by the magazines and go to the websites.

    Mainly it is women. I find that ironic. All the women scream at the top of their lungs “Leave the little girl alone!” Then they walk over to the newstand and buy the very same magazine the girls picture is in.

    Look at the owners of the subscriptions. 90% are women. It is not men looking at little Suri’s earrings.

    • Jen

      When I was growing up, my dad was the one who brought these magazines home. I have never bought one. So to say mainly women buy these, would be a misnomer. I have never seen any woman purchase these magazines, ever. I go to stores every week and shop where these gossip magazines are sold. The shelves are always packed full of them.

  • http://Yahoo JANE

    I would tell Suri that she could get her ears pierced when she could walk on her own without being carried by her mom or dad.

  • http://Yahoo JANE

    I would tell Suri that she could get her ears pierced when she could walk on her own without being carried by her mom or dad.

  • http://Yahoo JANE

    I would tell Suri that she could get her ears pierced as soon as she decided to walk on her own instead of being carried by her mom or dad all of the time. SHE’S 7 YEARS OLD!!

    • @Jane

      They have thongs for 7 year olds now. Really think about that. Thongs. You can go to any club in any major city and see 14-16 year old girls there. You can’t tell how old they are and every one is going after a guy in his 20s and even 30s. They have fake IDs. This world has changed. It is not the 1950s anymore. I think many people have their heads in the sand when it comes to what is going on. Sad but true. I feel sorry about this. I feel sorry for the girls and the guys. Yep, even the guys, because there are a lot of guys going to jail for being with someone underage and it is hard as hell to tell who is underage. I think a person above mentioned her and her black bikini picture. If you didn’t know who she was, you would swear she was 25 years old.

  • http://Yahoo JANE

    Did I respond that many times? Sorry !

  • Ava

    why does everyone have to do what everyone else does… Cant anyone be orginal anymore

  • lindy

    Suri is absolutely beautiful, and most surely will have a wonderful rich life ahead of her. Her mother appears to be loving, and always show them smiling.

  • @Lindy

    So just because you see a picture of a smile that means the mother is loving?

    Ever see the movie Mommy Dearest? A lot of smiles.

    But this is what the magazines want to portray. The loving mom. Blah Blah Blah. The terrible Dad. But the loving Mom.

    Men are evil.

  • 10 Years

    In 10 years, Suri will be twerking. I remember lots of sweet pictures of Lindsay Lohan.

    She will be twerking and screwing at all the Hollwood parties people never hear about.

  • Linda

    Why is it that Suri never seems to smile? Looking back at her many many pictures, you see it always has been. Take a look at Ben Afflec’s girls. They smiling so with such joy. Seems strange.

  • Linda

    Then again, could it be that Katie Holmes is trying to set limits on the girl, keep her from being spoiled, after Tom gave her everything she wanted at the drop of a hat? And who knows if she is “clamoring” for it, or if that is just the press creating a story.

    If she is “clamoring”, could it be she is simply wanting her own way and pitching a fit, now that gravy boat daddy is gone and her mom, wisely, trying to set guidelines and limits???