Suri Cruise In Car Accident With Garbage Truck

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Since the highly publicized divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes broke around the world, Katie and daughter Suri have been seen everywhere: enjoying ice cream, having lunch dates, checking out puppies at pet stores. Suri is also an avid gymnast, so we're always getting stories about Katie showing up at her gym, which is close to their new apartment. But the latest story doesn't involve Scientology goons following them around or Katie looking slim and fashionable; it's a bit on the scary side.

Mom and daughter were leaving the gym last night with their driver after Suri's practice when a garbage truck sideswiped the car, leaving a long scrape down one side. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but if the stories about Tom's need to be in control of everything are true, no doubt he'll be concerned enough to rush home and check on his daughter, especially since it's been reported that a paparazzo's vehicle hit their car just last week.

Until very recently, Cruise was in Iceland shooting a film, and has been communicating with Suri via video chat. No word yet on whether or not he's seen her since shooting wrapped, but one has to feel for Katie and Suri. With their lives in such a harsh spotlight, it's got to be difficult to feel safe.

Image credit: Pacific Coast News

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