Suri Cruise Called A B*tch By Paparazzo

    July 11, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Suri Cruise is arguably one of the most famous kids in the world. As the child of Tom Cruise, she’s been photographed nearly everywhere she goes for her entire seven years, which must get old.

When she tried to reach her car with mom Katie and another child companion recently, Suri got visibly irritated by the hordes of photographers snapping away in front of them and cried out for them to move out of the way, which got under the skin of a paparazzo. He can be heard in an onlooker’s video calling her a brat, and when a fellow photographer calls him out on it, he says, “I don’t care, she’s a bitch…a little brat kid.”

I have a feeling that once this video gets around the web, that particular photographer will be looking for work.

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  • lasgr

    He’ll pay – as he should……
    a lot more than just looking for another loser-pap job.

  • vivi

    pap is a chlid abuser punk

  • LisaY

    What a complete A_ho1e. Absolutely no excuse for a grown man to talk that way to a little kid.

  • http://Yahoo.com Fran

    Consider the source? What a foul jerk! These people are the lowest of the low in my book! Everyone should have personnel space!