Supermarket Shooting: 2 Injured, Suspect in Custody

    February 11, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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A supermarket shooting in an Atlanta, Georgia Kroger left two women with non-life threatening injuries, one shot in the leg and the other in her torso. The shooting happened Monday as a crowd of people hurried to stock up before a predicted winter storm, according to Fox News.

Police spokesman Greg Vaughn said, “The scene is a little chaotic. You can probably imagine with everybody stocking up on bread and milk.”

Many customer who were in the store at the time of the shooting reported hiding in freezers until the store was cleared and a male suspect was apprehended, according to Reuters. It is not apparent whether the people involved even knew each other, but police interviewed witnesses and the investigation is ongoing.

“This Kroger is actually pretty busy anyway, and you’re looking at noontime, and then they had extra customers in here stocking up for our snowstorm,” Vaughn said.

Apparently, there was an argument that prompted the shooting, but no details of that argument have been given.

The store has been evacuated, and that particular Kroger will open at a later date. Police say that the shooting was an isolated incident and they believe that no one is in danger anymore.

People were not expecting the shooting as they were preparing for the storm. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal had already declared a state of emergency for nearly a third of the state, as schools went ahead and canceled classes and workers were told to stay home.

Those areas of Georgia are shuttering themselves in, as they definitely don’t want a replay of last month’s ice disaster where children were stuck on buses for hours and in schools, some overnight and some were stuck on major roadways for hours before many decided to get out and walk home amid the freezing chaos.

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  • Richard Ackley

    Great commentary: "people weren't expecting the shooting". Really? I always expect a shooting whenever I go to the store for bread and milk.

  • Nia

    HELLO!! Lawrenceville IS NOT ATLANTA!!! I get so sick of every hamlet within 50 miles claiming to be ATLANTA!!.. If it have its own city hall, police department and mayor , it is a separate city, not a surburb!!

  • Anchorman

    LOL exactly Rich, That shooting wasn't on the schedule.

  • LarryBear

    "y'all surprised me wid dis shooting when all I was 'spectin' was a storm. Y'all got me good on that one.

  • Johnny Graf

    Just another false flag with crisis actors.

  • Walter Segal

    My goodness! Crazy people in USA find it too easy to get their hands on firearms.
    We have to do something about this! The second Amendment was not intended to make it so that going to the store to buy milk and bread demands one take one's life into one's own hands.

    • Ma! Ma!

      it's the people with the fire arms that is the problem and alot of these people have an animal mentality ! That's the problem I would never think about shooting someone for a gallon of milk I was not RASIED that way!

      • Kmmie

        No kidding! and children shouldn't have sharp objects, so we take them away. I'm sick of hearing people say its not the gun – its the person – but these same people want to make guns available to everyone with no questions asked! Stupid.