Super Bowl Tickets - Who Really Gets Them?


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The Super Bowl is on the mind of every NFL fan and whether you consider one of the two opposing teams "your team" or not, you have to admit you are excited to watch it and would love to go to the game.

Aside from the game itself, there is much to get excited about leading up to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl Boulevard party is almost as exciting as watching the game. Super Bowl goers and fans will be celebrating on the streets of Broadway between 34th and 47th streets with food, photos, autographs and shenanigans.

While going to the Super Bowl is the stuff dreams are made of, it is not something the average person gets to do. Super Bowl tickets cost several thousands of dollars. In fact, it is unlikely that you will be able to purchase one for less than $1,000 and that's if you can even find tickets.

CBS's Jim Nantz claims that this is one of the reasons a live Super Bowl doesn't feel like other NFL games and is no ways near as exciting as it should be. Nantz claims that because tickets are so expensive, most of the stadium seats are filled by corporate partners.

In fact, since Super Bowl tickets are not sold in mass to the general public, corporate partners get a chance to buy them before anyone and you can expect to find 25% of the tickets going to corporate members and 30% going to NFL teams that aren't playing in the Super Bowl but still want to watch it.

If you were lucky enough to win a ticket in the NFL lottery, you may have been one of only 1,000 people in the general public to get a ticket to the big game. Considering there are 80,000 tickets sold for the Super Bowl, it's easy to see that the average person just isn't likely to make it to a game, even if they can afford it.

Don't worry, you can still participate in all of the Super Bowl fun, even if you aren't sitting in the stadium on game day. Grab some friends, your favorite snacks and a cold beer and find a cozy spot on the couch in front of your big screen. Chances are you will have a much better view of the game and be in better company.

Do you think the NFL should make more Super Bowl tickets available to the public?

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