Super Bowl Ads: Your Laugh/Cry Of The Day

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It's difficult to pinpoint why, but there's something about putting animals in a commercial with a poignant song that just tears at the heartstrings every time. Budweiser understands, and they've ensured a viral hit with an ad that's been making its way around the web this week and leaving a trail of sloppy tears.

The ad is one of many which will air during this year's Super Bowl and stars a tiny golden puppy who doesn't want to leave his best friend: a giant Clydesdale. The unlikely pair keep finding one another no matter how many times they're separated; take a look and try not to well up.

Another ad getting some attention this year is for Volkswagen, which shows us what happens when the vehicles hit 100,000 miles: engineers getting their wings. It seems a bit cutesy for a moment, until you get to the two engineers comparing wing size in the bathroom, and then we see what happens when a car hits 200,000 miles. Just watch.

Then there's this one from Audi, which shows us that compromise isn't always a good thing. What do you get when you mix a Doberman and a Chihuahua? A terrifying monster that even Sarah McLachlan can't help.

The 2014 Super Bowl will air on Sunday, February 2 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time on Fox.

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