Super Bowl Ads Drive Fans Online

    February 5, 2009

The role the Internet plays surrounding Super Bowl Sunday activities continues to be an important one, with two-thirds of those who watched the game reporting they went online at some point during the day, according to comScore.

Around 41 percent of respondents said they used the Internet during the actual game, while 33 percent logged on during halftime. Some of their Internet-related activities on game day included going online to watch this years Super Bowl ads (12%), while 8 percent said they viewed previous years ads.

Some 15 percent of respondents said they visited an advertiser’s Web site after viewing their Super Bowl ad; of those the most popular advertiser sites were GoDaddy (29%), Denny’s (23%) and Coke (22%).

One-quarter of respondents in a pre-Super Bowl survey said that watching the ads is their favorite part of the day’s activities.  When asked which three companies’ ads they were most looking forward to, respondents indicated a strong preference for beverage brands.

Super Bowl Ads Drive Fans Online

The most anticipated brand ads were Bud/Bud Light with 76 percent of respondents, followed by Coke (48%) and Pepsi (43%). GoDaddy ranked fifth with 15 percent.

comScore also asked respondents if the Super Bowl ads improved, damaged, or left unchanged their perception of the brands. Doritos had the highest improvement score with 42 percent, followed by Bud/Bud Light with 40 percent and Denny’s with 39 percent.

GoDaddy had the highest brand damage score at 15 percent while Denny’s had the lowest at 2 percent followed by Coke and Bud/Bud Light both at 3 percent.

Bud/Bud Light had the highest ad recall (72%), followed by Doritos (59%), and GoDaddy with 53 percent.