Sun Workstation Only $29.95 Per Month

    June 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A three-year subscription to Sun Services will get a developer a Sun Ultra 20 workstation as part of the deal.

At the JavaOne Conference in San Francisco today, Sun Microsystems announced a new deal for developers. For the price of a monthly subscription to Sun Services and a three-year commitment, Sun will provide a workstation for no additional cost.

Sun Workstation Only $29.95 Per Month

The Sun Ultra 20 workstation will contain an Opteron 100 series processor from AMD and will have the Solaris 10 operating system pre-installed. Sun will also preload developer tools to the system, including Sun Studio 10, Java Studio Enterprise 7, and Studio Creator.

Users can install Linux or Windows alongside Solaris on the workstation, giving them access to tools specific to those platforms all from the same piece of hardware. The Sun Services subscription provides support and service for workstation issues that may be encountered.

Sun has recently made news with its release of Solaris 10 source code and numerous technology patents under its CDDL license to the open source community. The site gives more details on the release, which was made on June 14th.

Studio Creator and Studio Enterprise both provide visual developer environments for Java application work. The Studio 10 product provides developer tools for C, C++, and Fortran development, debugging, and tuning.

The entry-level configuration includes one AMD Opteron Processor Model 144, 512MB of DDR-400 memory, one 80GB Serial ATA Hard Disk Drive, ATI Entry 2D Graphics, and one DVD-ROM optical drive.

In addition to the subscription model, Sun will also make the entry level Ultra 20 workstation available for $895 as a direct purchase, with the same software installed.

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