Sun Wants To Crown A Duke

    March 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Ahead of the Java One conference, Sun has begun accepting submissions to its fourth annual Duke’s Choice awards to recognize creative uses of Java technology.

The Java technology mascot is called Duke. It’s amazing the things you can learn. I always thought it was called the Java thingee. And Duke isn’t just a mascot, it’s an award for crafting Java applications and services in an innovative fashion.

Sun will accept submissions for the award online, with a deadline of March 15 for this year’s awards. Also, one award winner will come from the Java applications already featured on the Java website. Voting for one of five candidates from that site can be done online at until March 31.

Winners will be notified on April 7th. They will receive recognition and a statuette of Duke at the next JavaOne conference in San Francisco. This year’s conference will run May 16 – 19 at the Moscone Center.

Sun highlighted some of the accepted sessions for the forthcoming 2006 JavaOne conference. One of those will be of interest to the Web 2.0 crowd. Google’s Bruce Johnson will present “Java-based Technology Techniques for Developing AJAX Applications.”

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