Sun Reveals JavaOne Schedule, University Tracks

    February 13, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

It’s almost time to get in touch with one’s inner Java geek, and others, at JavaOne in San Francisco, May 6-9.

Snow is falling outside the lead-lined writers’ room at WebProNews, a chilly enough afternoon that one’s thoughts turn to a hot cup of Java after being outside playing “where’s the icescraper” in the trunk of the car.

Sun Reveals JavaOne Schedule, University Tracks

For those in warmer climes, or perhaps nestled somewhere away from windows that aren’t of the code-development variety, programmers started receiving the news today about the 2008 edition of JavaOne.

Sun announced today they had culled nearly 1,700 submissions to a neighborhood of 350 for conference sessions. Some featured ones mentioned cover topics like JavaServer Faces, touch UI in mobile Java-based devices, and creating location-based services and apps on the Java platform.

Java University takes place May 5, the day before JavaOne opens. Morning and afternoon classes, a few bonus evening classes, and an all-day course on enterprise application design list in the curriculum.

As a final note, the Duke’s Choice awards return for a sixth appearance. Submissions for award consideration need to be made by March 14th, only a month away. Who will be the next Bang! Howdy?