Sun Offer Java Student Developer Program

    June 28, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Sun commits $180 million USD in training, tools, research, and grants to promote Java development.

Called the SDN Student Developer Program, it entitles students to free copies of the Sun Java Studio Enterprise, NetBeans Mobility Pack, Sun Studio 10, the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) and many other Sun software products.

Members of the program will be eligible for training in the Solaris 10 OS; a 10 percent discount on Barnes & Noble books to qualifying students; and access to a Sun hardware and software grant.

“Application and systems performance never go out of fashion in computer science, and we are pleased to see Sun taking the lead in expanding the community of skilled technicians who can help us crack some of today’s most challenging scientific questions,” said Professor John Darlington, Imperial College, London.

Sun has provided a ten point action plan for students who wish to learn Java development on the Sun platform. Ultimately, students who take advantage of the program will be in a position to become certified on the Java platform.

Sun made the announcement during its JavaOne Developers conference in San Francisco. The company will celebrate ten years of Java growth this year, and cites the support of 4.5 million developers as a big reason for its success.

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