Sun Microsystems COO Jonathan Schwartz on The Red Couch

    April 23, 2005

Shel Israel has a great profile piece on Sun COO Joanathan Schwartz and his approach to corporate blogging.

Noel Hartzell, executive communications director, is quoted in the piece and shares some interesting insights:

Sun’s blogging explosion was embraced without ambivalence by the corporate communications people. “Most PR teams would cringe, but ours didn’t. We have a transparent culture and competitors like HP do not. Our PR team is thinking about how to use technology and culture as a corporate weapon and blogging does both. Hartzell added, “Sun is a company whose success is based on building communities. So a key function of the communications team is to be an information gatherer, analyzer and counselor on participating in these communities.

A bad way to do PR is to blast press releases every Thursday. We help feed the right information into the right channels. What could be better for a PR organization than blogs?”

Link: Joanathan Schwartz blog

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