Sun Java System Application Server 8 Platform Edition – Developers’ Platform of Choice

    August 31, 2004

Borland, Computer Associates, Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Quest Software Leverage Sun’s Platform to Broaden the Ecosystem for Enterprise Developers.

Sun Microsystems today announced that the Sun Java System Application Server 8 Platform Edition, a fundamental component of the popular Sun Java Enterprise System, has rapidly become the developer’s platform of choice with nearly a million downloads since March 23, 2004. Additionally, Borland Software Corporation, Computer Associates (CA), Compuware Corporation, Mercury Interactive Corporation and Quest Software are delivering combined solutions that leverage the Java System Application Server to deliver proven build, test and deploy solutions for enterprise application development.

“Sun has a rich heritage of providing what developers need to stay ahead of the curve in enterprise development, including early access to innovative code and free access to industry-standard reference implementations,” said Mark Bauhaus, vice president of Java Web Services, Sun Microsystems. “With over 1 million downloads of the Java System Application Server, developers are making their choice clear. Now we’re driving to the next level of developer productivity to set the bar for the next generation application server deployment.”

The Java System Application Server is a leading Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-compatible platform for developing Java Web services. Sun’s application server technologies have accumulated a leading mind share among developers with 75% hands on experience according to a research report published today by The Middleware Company that surveyed members of Highlights from the report located at illustrate the growing popularity of application server technologies from Sun including its 35% market adoption among the J2EE platform-compatible application servers in development, putting the Java System Application Server in second place behind offerings from BEA at 40%, but slightly ahead of offering from IBM at 31% share. Additionally, the Java System Application Server has a solid position in production deployments of 24% market adoption, rated third behind BEA’s offering at 39% and IBM’s offering at 30%.

The industry’s first production quality J2EE 1.4-compatible application server, the Java System Application Server 8 PE helps developers avoid proprietary lock-in and rework by using J2EE standards-based development mode, includes support for the Web Services Integration (WS-i) Basic Profile, scales to over 100 CPUs and provides “five nines (99.999%)” availability. The Java System Application Server supports the Solaris 8 and 9 Operating Systems, Windows and Linux. Solutions available for the Sun Java System Application Server that facilitate portability across multi-vendor Java development and management applications include:

— Borland JBuilder — The best selling cross-platform development environment for building industrial-strength enterprise Java applications. Borland JBuilder 2005 Enterprise includes advanced J2EE and Web Services performance management capabilities to help ensure that developers are able to manage application performance through the entire application lifecycle.

— Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace — Designed to help ensure that applications meet the highest standards for performance, Borland Optimizeit ServerTrace 3 empowers testing and production teams to swiftly identify, diagnose, and resolve business-threatening performance hazards for J2EE and Web Services applications.

— CA’s Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) enables organizations to proactively maintain service levels between business units and business partners by providing visibility and control of web services for the Sun Java System Application Server environment. Effective root cause analysis and remediation of web services failures at the underlying support infrastructure layers is performed through strong integration with complementary Unicenter Application Infrastructure management solutions Unicenter WSDM supports web services standards including SOAP and WSDL and is committed to full support of the OASIS WS-Manageability standard.

— Compuware OptimalJ — OptimalJ from Compuware accelerates J2EE development by generating working applications directly from visual models. Through the power of patterns and model-driven application design, OptimalJ decreases the need for extensive coding and design skills, and delivers high productivity and consistency. OptimalJ implements Object Management Group’s (OMG’s) Model Driven Architecture (MDA) in its entirety, offering companies enormous flexibility through vendor- and language-independent interoperability. OptimalJ offers model-to-model and model-to-code transformation. This enables OptimalJ to support rapid application change and ongoing maintenance.

— Mercury LoadRunner and Mercury Performance Center — the industry-standard performance testing solution for predicting system behavior and performance. Mercury LoadRunner integrates with the Sun Java Systems Application Server to provide the only unified performance testing, tuning and diagnostics solution for J2EE applications built for the enterprise. From a single console, customers can run performance and scalability tests, pinpoint bottlenecked Java components and tune system parameters to maximize performance.

— Quest Software PerformaSure — A low-overhead performance diagnostics product for multi-tiered J2EE applications deployed on the Java System Application Server. Running in either live production or test environments, PerformaSure identifies and resolves operational issues to maximize J2EE platform application performance.

“Customers who have made a commitment to the Java Platform depend on CA to help them develop, manage, back up and secure their web applications,” said Muhi Majzoub, CA’s vice president of Development. “By fully supporting this new release of the Sun Java System Application Server environment, CA is making it possible for customers to quickly and safely implement Java-based solutions in their enterprise environments.”

“Building and deploying enterprise applications is challenging and requires resources at several different stages, and Compuware helps developers become more productive throughout this entire process,” said Bob Barker, vice President of Strategic Planning, Compuware Corporation. “Compuware OptimalJ enables developers to generate applications directly from models for rapid deployment to the Sun Java System Application Server. Plus, the profiling capabilities of Compuware DevPartner Java Edition enable companies to achieve efficient and effective use of valuable resources by isolating problems easily.”

“Mercury LoadRunner provides a single point of control for performance testing, tuning and diagnosing problems in J2EE applications deployed with Sun’s Java System Application Server,” said Rajesh Radhakrishnan, director of product marketing at Mercury. “This helps companies deploy their J2EE-based enterprise systems rapidly and with minimal risk to the business.”

“Quest PerformaSure delivers an efficient application management solution that provides real-time visibility into the Sun Java System Application Server,” said John Newsom, vice president, Application Performance Management Solutions, Quest Software. “Quest PerformaSure is essential for organizations that develop and deploy the Java System Application Server because it helps isolate the root cause of issues that can affect performance and availability, preventing organizations from incurring downtime within their critical Web services and J2EE application architectures.”

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