Sun Brewing A Java Solution For The New Pope

    June 8, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Holy See has chosen Sun to provide the management infrastructure for its communications.

Sun Microsystems has been working on all facets of the Vatican’s communication infrastructure, by providing servers, applications, and training on its products to members of the IT staff.

It’s a significant PR win for Sun as well, in addition to being a win for Java and against Microsoft. Sun engineers were able to deploy the messaging infrastructure in two months; it is built on components of the Java Enterprise System, like Messaging Server and Directory Server.

“E-mail is one of the most important IT services we provide at the Holy See — enabling our internal communication, facilitating correspondence between our consulates, and aiding our worldwide evangelization efforts,” said Sister Judith Zoebelein, Internet Office, Holy See.

On the hardware side, Sun servers running Solaris will connect to a StorEdge array. “The reliability of our Solaris-based platform and Sun’s experience in managing complex IT infrastructures were key,” said Mauro Banchero, Managing Director, Sun Microsystems Italy.

As the implementation continues, the Holy See will build a new portal for its web community. They will also centralize the many internal and external web sites currently run by the Vatican.

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