Summize Bringing Heatmaps to Shopping Search

    March 16, 2007

I love it when other bloggers discover a new web site and then provide an in-depth analysis of it – it means that I can quickly pass on the information to you, dear reader, without having to think of new ways to say the same thing. :-)

Over at R/WW, Alex Iskold does an excellent job in reviewing a new shopping search engine that uses heatmaps – a la Crazy Egg or the Enquiro search studies. It’s called Summize and here’s the summary of how it works…

Summize’s infrastructure crawls user reviews all over the web and accumulates them together, into a single normalized rating database. The search results show the votes from this database using the heatmap.

It’s pretty slick and there’s no doubt that, as a user, it’s very easy for me to scan the heatmaps and instantly tell if the product is well favored or not.

Here’s how it looks…

Very simple – red is negative, green is positive.

I’m impressed with how new companies are finding ways to innovate. Yesterday, we saw how Imagini was using imagery to find a niche in social networks and today, Summize is demonstrating there is still room for innovation in shopping search.