Summer Assists Google Mobile

    August 23, 2007

Even as vacationers tried to avoid clouds, Google found a silver lining – the company’s mobile applications became much more popular this summer.

“Google has seen the use of its services via mobile spike by 35 percent from May to June, when the traffic normally drops in that time frame between 20-40 percent as people in the northern hemisphere go on holiday,” reported James Quintana Pearce for

“Naturally, this is being interpreted as people turning to their mobiles when they’re away from their computers,” he continued.  “This rise in mobile traffic partly offset the traditional fall in computer traffic, although there are tens of millions of mobile searches on Google each day compared to billions done via computer . . .”

And if you’re wondering from what authority all this data comes, it was given by none other than Google’s Marissa Mayer.  (Check out an article by our own David Utter to see what other topics she touched on during her SES San Jose keynote.)

So things are going rather well for the search giant, summer slump or not.  And it may owe a debt to Apple on this count, as The Register’s Bill Ray notes, “Google Maps has done particularly well, with the iPhone launch increasing traffic by almost 50% at the end of June.”