Suit Against Apple Could Be Huge For OS Future

    August 27, 2008
    Chris Crum

PsystarA little known electronics company called Psystar plans to make big waves and perhaps even operating system history as it prepares to counter-sue Apple. Originally sued for violating the terms of Apple’s Leopard OS licensing agreement, the company is firing back with an antitrust argument.

Psystar isn’t playing either. They are bringing out the big guns – lawyers that have fought against Apple before and won. InformationWeek reports that they have hired law firm Carr & Ferrell, who has also negotiated a $60 million settlement from Microsoft in the past. Clearly Psystar has good representation.

They may just have a case.  Apple’s license strictly forbids anyone from installing its operating system on any hardware that isn’t manufactured by Apple itself. You can bet that other big computer makers are keeping a close eye on this one as well. Imagine a world where you can buy a Dell pre-installed with the latest Mac OS. Check out Psystar’s philosophy:


According to AppleInsider
, Apple legally has to respond to Psystar’s claims within 30 days. The company has not made a statement at this point.

This is just the latest of Apple’s legal news, though it is probably the most important as its outcome could impact an entire industry. The company is also dealing with a class action suit regarding the iPhone 3G, and had a brush with the Tetris Company courtesy of a knock-off of their trademark game being offered on iTunes.

Apple has also had some more negative publicity lately with their iPhone ad being banned in the UK and their own banning of a comic on iTunes. It seems like just last week that Apple was basking in the glory of the American customer satisfaction Index. Oh wait, it was last week. No one seems satisfied with the company’s practices this week.