Suicide Promotion Sites More Common Than Prevention Sites

Only 13% of sites discouraged suicide

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Internet users who go online to find out information about suicide are more likely to find sites that promote the act than sites offering support, a study says.

Researchers used four search engines to find suicide related sites, according to a study in the British Medical Journal. The three sites that appeared most frequently in the search results all promoted suicide. 

The researchers, from Bristol, Oxford and Manchester universities, used 12 suicide related search terms to conduct their study. They looked at the first 10 sites in each search, receiving a total of 480 hits.

Overall, the searches found 240 unique sites. Slightly less than half of the sites provided information about methods of suicide. Nearly 19 percent of hits were considered to be encouraging, promoting, or facilitating suicide. Just 13 percent of the sites were for suicide prevention or support and only 12 percent actively discouraged suicide.

The study concludes that," The differing content identified with the four search engines indicates that it is possible to influence what searches retrieve. It may be more fruitful for service providers to pursue website optimization strategies to maximize the likelihood that suicidal people access helpful rather than potentially harmful sites in times of crisis."


Suicide Promotion Sites More Common Than Prevention Sites
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  • http://paulcanning.blogspot.com Paul Canning

    The research is flawed, as I explain at length in this blog post http://paulcanning.blogspot.com/2008/04/why-suicide-prevention-charities-are.html

    Anyone with any knowledge of search and search behaviour could point out numerous, extremely basic, problems with the methodology.

    What is worse is that charities and government have it within their power to counteract these websites. Blaming people like ISPs is an abdication of responsibility.

  • http://arperture.com MGM

    While there are allot of EMO people in this world.  BUT.. Would you beleive me If I told you I was gonna jump off that bridge. Allot of the so called sucide BLOGS are FAKE, somekid is getting attention thats it.

  • Guest

    I’ve been thinking a large gun is the best way to do it, if you have learned of anyone that could help with that. I might leave you a chunk of my estate.

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