Suge Knight Opens Up About Shooting, Shows Off Gunshot Wounds


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Suge Knight is speaking out about the shooting that took place last month.

For those who missed it, the former Death Row Records CEO was shot six times on the morning of Sunday, August 24. He was reportedly attending a pre-VMAs party hosted by Chris Brown Hollywood's 1OAK nightclub.

During an exclusive interview with TMZ Live on Tuesday, September 2, the 49-year-old record label mogul recounted the horrific incident. However, he refused to entertain any questions about the identity of the shooter although he claims he saw the gunman.

"I don't think that's really important, who pulled the trigger or who I seen  pull the trigger," Knight said. "I think that I'm doing extremely well. I'm happy to be doing well and whatever happens, happens."

He went on to reveal how he felt when he was shot. Surprisingly, he said he didn't feel a thing! "I think was important that I went to walking, making sure I got to the right place to patch these holes up. When you get shot, you don't feel a thing."

Knight also expressed that he really isn't concerned whether the police find the gunman or not. TMZ has also obtained several graphic images of Knight's gruesome gunshot wounds. One of the pictures actually shows where one of his tattoos has nearly been split in half as a result of a surgical procedure done to ensure none of his vital organs were damaged.

On the left side of the tattoo, three bullet holes can be seen. Then, on the right side, there are two additional holes. Another image shows the sixth bullet hole, which also went through one of Knight's tattoos.

The shooting is still being investigated. However, Knight reportedly refuses to cooperate with police although he stated that he believes he saw the alleged shooter.