Suge Knight Hospitalized After Fall in Jail

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What’s going on in the jail cells in Vegas? First we had Jon Koppnehaver, AKA War Machine, the man who allegedly beat Christy Mack so bad she isn’t fit for porn anymore, attempt to hang himself in his cell in Vegas. He couldn’t make it to his hearing a few days later and was put on suicide watch.

Then Suge Knight passed out in his cell in a Vegas jail twice over the weekend, falling and hitting his head one time and his spine the next. Knight ended up hospitalized. His attorney Julie Raye says that doctors found a blood clot in his stomach.

“Suge was shot six times in the stomach two months ago — the likely cause of the blood clot,” Raye said.

At the time of the shooting, Knight's injuries had been described as not being life-threatening, and he walked out of the club where the shooting happened on his own.

Knight and Katt Williams were arrested on charges of robbery when a photographer accused them of stealing her camera. Williams told reporters it was all bull, saying that the photographer was shooting video of Knight’s five-year-old son and was asked to erase it, but she fled instead. Williams said they gave chase, but did not take her camera.

When Knight appeared in court with his lawyer on Wednesday, the judge sounded sympathetic to his plight, expressing disdain for paparazzi who aggressively go after young children of celebrities.

“What kind of lunatics do that?” the judge asked.

Still, charges against Knight have been filed by the D.A.

Because of an earlier conviction, Knight could face 30 years to life if convicted on the single count of robbery against him. Katt Williams faces up to seven years.

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