Suge Knight Has Not Been Arrested for Killing Tupac: Twitter Reacts

    May 10, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Suge Knight popped up a while back during the whole 2Pac hologram ordeal, during which the former mogul claimed that the deceased rapper might still be alive because “nobody has seen him dead”. That’s a sound enough theory, and actually has much more weight than some of the other conspiracies I’ve read on the subject.

Today, however, has found Knight at the very top of Yahoo! trends, which prompted me to look into why, precisely, everyone was suddenly interested in him. Outside of an article detailing a recent episode of VH1’s “Behind the Music”, I couldn’t figure out why. Then I took to Twitter, which revealed a most interesting rumor: Suge Knight has been arrested for the murder of 2Pac, and he’s currently sweating bullets behind bars. As you may already have guessed, this is pretty far from the truth.

Apparently a fabricated news clip from 2010 has confused the bejesus out of 2Pac fans, prompting many to believe that Knight had been tossed in the proverbial slammer. In fact, Twitter has been exploding with people curious about the validity of these rumors. The clip, which you can watch below, has been pieced together from various videos and news stories surrounding the late rapper’s untimely demise. The mention of Knight being arrested was lifted from an unrelated story and added to make it appear as though it was somehow related to 2Pac.

In related news, Suge Knight recently paid a visit to a local radio program, where he suggested that 95% of rappers are closet homosexuals, including rap legend Dr. Dre. Now, given the storied history between Knight and Dre, everything the big guy says should be taken with a grain of salt.

Curious to see what other folks have thought about the rumors? You can read through a small gathering of tweets below. And for the record, 2Pac is still dead, his murder is currently unsolved, and, as far as anyone can officially tell at this moment in time, Knight had nothing to do with it.

However, feel free to leave your own theories in our comments section.

They arrest suge knight fa tupac murder I knew he had sum to do with it(image) 6 minutes ago via TweetCaster for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Suge Knight arrested Tupac’s murder is a rumor …don’t believe anything until @TMZ says its true …the most trusted source in news …lol(image) 9 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Suge Knight arrested for Tupac’s murder. Statement from LAPD says we caught Knight shooting at hologram yelling “I already killed you once!”(image) 48 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Gotta find someone to entertain these kids at a birthday party; anybody got Suge Knight’s number?(image) 2 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

AGAIN.. Suge Knight will NEVER be arrested and convicted of Biggie and Tupac’s murders because he has LAPD on his payroll.. #BehindTheMusic(image) 4 days ago via Plume for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • http://yahoo sherm from da lou

    they need to just let tha man chill!!! rael talk!!! they are never gone get that in a bag!!!

    • Bill

      “Real Talk” thats the dumbest shit I have ever heard.

    • rob

      i knew he had something to do with both murders ! he’s a fat greedy pig !

    • rue

      lets keep it at a hundred..real talk.what a loser

  • Barbara

    Tupac was a Writer, songwriter and the REAL DEAL. Suge knight just wants his 10 seconds of fame ( i guess). Suge helped tupac get recorded. That is all the man really did. Suge has NO TALENT whatsoever and his involvement with tupacs death is a fact. Look at the scene in Nevada. 2pac was boxed in and assassinated.LONG LIVE TUPAC SHAKUR!!!!!

    • John

      You said it all in the first sentence!

    • kirsten


  • limon zerga

    “…the former mogul claimed that the deceased rapper might still be alive because “nobody has seen him dead”.”

    Really? All you have to do is Google, “Tupac autopsy photos” and you can find plenty of photos of 2Pac’s dead body. Nobody has seen him dead – hilarious.

    • KYLE

      2pac was 5′ 10″ 168lbs black hair and black eyes- the coroners report shows 215 lbs 6’0″ brown hair brown eyes- besides the fact he was creamated the NEXT DAY- TUPAC SHAKUR IS ALIVE!!! Do some homework before you speak

      • Baby

        To my knowledge, upon interviewing the acting coroner, he stated, he could not give a report because he (the coroner)never received a body.

        • jeff

          i guess tupac is working for the feds with elvis.. right?

      • JOB

        there’s some issues with his tattoo’s in the autopsy photo’s. and i believe one he had just got wasn’t even in the pic’s

      • donny

        black eyes? wtf

    • alex

      The autopsy photos are fake as fuck nigga. Hes missing hella tattoos. Look it up on how its fake

    • http://@youngniggaballn Tyree

      Yeah, sure. Go to Google & look @ the photos. But any real fan can tell that’s not him. Look @ it closely. He’s missing tattoos. The man was smart and intelligent. He knew people were after him. Doesn’t it sewn weird that alot of shit he said in his music and the way most of his videos have to do with the way he died and when he did. More then just a coincidence.

  • Him

    All i gotta say is TUPACS BACK !!

  • Anonymusty 2

    On the Update of this news I think it was on VH1 they kinda implicated Suge but I don’t want to put it out that I think Suge did it cause Suge is Omnipresent and has his little devil imps everywhere.

    • Boss

      2Pac isn’t dead

      • Jimmy

        Neither are Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, or Biggie, or any of them right? Accept and let go. Denial leads nowhere…

  • james c iezzi

    tupac lives he aint dead untill i see something to prove hes dead then i beleive it untill then tupac is our homie

  • sam

    Those autopsy photos were photoshopped…. everyone knows that!!!

  • Cheyna

    Even though I don’t want to believe that Tupac died…I saw his autopsy photos on a disgusting dare @ http://www.rotten.com…this site is NOT for the faint at heart. It shows the most horrible pics in the world. My cousin Matt showed me the pics and it shows in color how Tupac had incisions marks in the Y-shape (open chest and stomach autopsy procedure) showing that he is indeed dead and it’s too awful for words. He had greatness and we’ll never know the awesome contributions he would have made.I truly hope his killer is given the same damn treatment…DEAD.

  • isaaceugene

    Yo every real hip-hop fan who has read or seen or heard the whole story of Pac wanting to form his own label knows that Suge had Pac (AND Biggie) killed, shot, set up and murdered in order to steal his riches.

  • scott

    Soo, he had a point as to saying that he could still be alive because no one has ever seen his dead body, but yet you have to still go on and say “And for the record, 2Pac is still dead”. kind of contradicting to popular belief. Wouldn’t you think since there is no proof on both ends that his death would also be a “theory” until we see a body? Hmm. Sort of like people saying they don’t believe in aliens or ghost until they see proof, but yet believe in god. JESUS PEOPLE.

  • Rottenbod39

    Tupac took the bullet for someone else.

  • http://webpronews DJ Meltdown

    Well if he is still alive he needs to cut some new tracks just saying

  • RA RAA

    I remember when suge was tryin to be all hard, then got knocked out! where’s that dude the knocked out suge, do it again dawg! then he will get his 10 secs of fame!

  • http://www.meyermoney.com Jesse

    The guy called it a “White Ford Escalade” lol More New on my site!!

  • bob faggot

    “They arrest suge knight fa tupac murder I knew he had sum to do with it” dat grammar

  • skeete44

    This is old silly bs. Screw Suge, and all the punks. Cowards hang together!

  • big mark

    it is what it is..leave it be…

  • big mark

    it is what it is..leave it be…

  • http://none Gary

    Slim shady killed Tupac.

  • Ms. Beautiful

    I think he had something to do with it. But God has the last word. While he was under 2Pac like he was his friend. He is a snake only out for himself. That
    s y the bullet only hit 2pac side. Bastard he is gone get it. If i’m wrong forgive me. But only God can judge me or him.

  • http://webpronews Brandon

    WTF is a FORD ESCALADE???You know what forget about it. I’m about to go get me a Cadillac Mustang.

  • ez-e

    He’s Dead move on and play that song.

  • Frenchiewashington

    smh My cousin Orlando aka baby lane! WAS not staged to Fight Tupac they got into it 3 times before that last fight….. Now Knight… I do believe he has something to do with it…… My cousin Orlando was kill at a car was in Compton 2 years later after Tupac’s death over a hood beef…. “which I don’t think that’s true either: Knight had him killed! because my cousin filed a lawsuit against him… for the fight that happen in the MGM with Tupac…. Knight needs to be behind BARS!

  • RA RAA

    put suge in a tu tu since he wants to act like a female.

  • John

    This type of show(Hologram) is a tatic to bring out the truth at that time the media shore hated Pac the one now 2 be missing now the media is making them selves famouse over this news today we all look the same when we are broke but when you make them money now you somebody thats known by name by those who didnt like you

  • Sofine

    Tupac is dead!!!! Bull…. ain’t nothing. Of course they didnt produce a body, thats how it works. People involved will not talk about it. We have not heard anything from his mom in years even with all the rumors, she knows he is gone thats why she is not entertaining it. Let the man rest!!!! F Suge!!!

  • http://facebook Da real 2pac fan _MR 305

    WE ALL KNOW BY NOW WHO SHOULD BE CHARGE FOR PAC DEATH.THE WHOLE LAS VEGAS PD and ofcourse that so called the CEO of DeathRow. That loser destroyed mr pac life. In all of his musics his mention that we should pay close attention to our enemies but at the end his ceo killed him for money and pac assets.

  • KSC

    They’ll prob figure out who did that one, right after they tell who killed Kennedy…

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelcitytv angelcitytv

    What about Puffy he’s been named as the perpetrator in Tupacs murder along with Suge in Biggies murder. This can not go untold and unknown. WHY AREN’T THEY BOTH IN JAIL!?

  • grenorrah begane

    this one would’ve been for sherlock holmes to investigate.

  • pelle

    I loved pac his music is the truth as only a poet can see it what makes me pissed is all these pepole acten like they allways had pacs back dead or alive let the man rest in peace he gave more than any hip hop artest then or since much respect and thank you.ps

  • Ryan

    Suge had a role in TuPac’s murder…but you will never find who was behind it unless Suge comes clean and if he does he will be the next on their list…because this goes higher than the LV PD….TuPac broke the code and for those who know what I am saying….thats why he was murdered

  • j swear

    Why in the world would Tupac have to fake his death?

  • http://mattstallone.com/ john

    I dont think they will ever figure this one out, maybe after they find hoffa.

  • bcap

    It was Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with the lead pipe.

  • frank

    who gives a shit already,,those 2 scumbags were infatuated with dieing now they got what they wanted,,good riddance low lifes,,they ruined millions of youth,,and idiot adults,,

  • james westbay

    suge knight just talking shit about dre cuz he stold dre baby momma suge knights probably the undercover fag cuz he was in protective custody with all the fags in prison lmao

  • Pat

    And Elvis is still alive too…LOL

  • tfields

    i honestly think that Suge Knight was involved in this case , if he did or didn’t kill him , he still had some type involvement in it. He needs to be taken into custody thoroughly be questioned, because after 14 years , the law still did not solve this case. the evidence is THERE! Suge Knight was soo JEALOUS of tupac. tupac made many hit singles , and he was the REALIST RAPPER out here. how can you take someone’s life like that? i be questioning things like this; but all i have to say is that it is not going to be settled until someone comes up with the real truth. tupac will always be remembered for all the great things that he did , his , music and movies and all the talent that he has.

    rest easy ..

  • BossHog

    What i think? Killuminati

    • new_nasty

      i was wonderin if it was that killuma whateva it is too..strange ish happen to rappers who join that..lol gettin yo dookie walls run up in.. shot wit non life threatenin bullets..lol but i guess if game can take 7 and curtis can take 9..who’s to say it ain’t possible ,and u got them balloonminatis or whateva they name is to cover it up…

  • Mickey

    I don’t like any of these guys, I think if he is dead then the law needs to check out the person that nobody would kill his friend and that I believe is the one the only “P Diddy” or what ever his name is now! I have never heard of P Diddy until after biggie and 2pac was taken out! Think about it?

  • chuck norris

    tupac was gay

  • chuck norris

    tupac was gay

  • new_nasty

    lol..to da dude who said Suge payin off the cops..yo Suge still got money like dat?i thought he was broke..if pac is still alive..that would be some funny ish..what would people say? react to all the mourning? would pac even be ballsy enuff to brang his a..back around?? juss brainstormin on dat..lol

  • Lionel T. Rolle

    It,s so clear that Stevie Wonder can see,Suge Knight killed Pac then biggie to make it look like a East Coast,West Coast feud.The whole world knew that Pac was about to leave Death Row and Suge knew with in himself without Pac no Death Row.Example no Weezy no cash money. Pac was a cash cow for Suge.Presently Weezy is the cash cow for baby.

  • Trevor

    I have trouble spelling some things to.

  • Simon

    If you people actually watch enough clips of tupac. you would no he could never stay quiet for this long if he wad actually still alive

  • byrdie313

    Sure is guilty the only reason somebody would shoot 13 shots into the passenger door if your target is hanging out the window is because you can’t risk hitting the driver (suge. Then He drove almost a mile in the opposite direction of the hospital hoping Pac would die in the car.

  • kaylee

    Tupac was the best suge should be shot to death he’s a hater r.I.p tupac

  • Kaylee Daniels

    Tupac was the best suge should be shot to death r.i.p tupac

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