Suge Knight Arrested in Los Angeles


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Former rap mogul and music executive, Marion "Suge" Knight was detained early Wednesday morning in Los Angeles on a misdemeanor traffic charge. A little after midnight, Knight was seen driving recklessly, swerving his vehicle between lanes on the highway when he was pulled over. LAPD also stated that the truck had no license plates or registration tags, according to TMZ.

With the outstanding warrant that was discovered after being pulled over, the former Death Row Records CEO was taken into custody at the Los Angeles County Jail and held on a $20K bond. The arrest warrant was issued when Knight did not appear in court after being charged for driving with a suspended license back in February.

Knight has a unprecedented history of run-ins with the law. This is the second time in two years that Suge has been pulled over for almost the exact same traffic violation. In February of 2012, he was pulled over by Las Vegas police for improper lane change. But, at that particular time he was only ticketed. However, this incident required a little more effort to elude the law -- a $20K bond. Luckily for Knight, the bond was made, and he was released as of 7:20am this morning.


Image Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons