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When I get up in the morning, I usually plan and prepare my day’s schedule. Sometime long ago I read a wise quote by Benjamin Franklin that says:

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Since then I have developed a sort of habit to prepare my work before actually getting into it. And this has proved to be a great blessing for me. I happen to be a true result oriented person, especially when it comes to Internet Marketing.

After breathing three full years day and night in this challenging, but rewarding career, I’m here to tell you that achieving success on the Internet is certainly NOT difficult. Ofcourse if you know “HOW”. And that really is a BIG How!

Now learning this “how” requires time, effort, discipline and a little perseverance on your part. Motivation and excitement are obviously the pre-requisites. However, heading in the right direction with a clearly defined objective not only makes your long journey short, but paves the way for your colossal success.

Success is not something commercially available in the market. It is achieved through practicing a consistent and measurable system of providing quality product or services to your customers.

But that’s not all, there’s much to be taken in consideration. So let’s find out what else is there to be considered. I hope you’ll appreciate my personal marketing approach.

Please read the following paragraphs very carefully. It carries some useful insights that’s guaranteed to give you heaps of online profits. I’ll take the direct approach here. Let’s get started.

Listen, as you are well aware of the fact that there are now more websites on the Internet, then there are stars in the sky. The question is, “How will *you* get noticed in this huge galaxy called cyberspace?”.

Your immediate answer would be through submitting your site’s URL to major search engines, placing ads in ezines, joint venture deals and so on.

Sure. Working positively with these techniques will bring you qualified traffic, but that’s what everybody is practicing. And do you know what percentage of this traffic actually turn into orders, or sales? The industry average is less than 1%.

Why? Well, here’s the undocumented raw fact:

“There exist a profusion of same, or similar theme businesses on the Internet.”

Same products are being sold in different flavors in almost same fashion. Despite of the fact, that there exist a great demand of those products, the supply side is much heavier than you probably can imagine.

The simple law of supply and demand seems to be overlooked. There are massive flocks of people dying to sell their wares without considering the supply demand principle. They are JUST marketing, *without* understanding their underlying market.

I’m really not in a mood for giving you lessons in economics, neither I happen to be an economist. But for those of you who are unaware of what the law of supply and demand states for a given product, and what is the significance of this law in Internet Marketing, I think a formal definition is necessary at this point. Here’s what it says:

“As the supply of any given product increases, the demand of that product with it’s associated value decreases, which results in a price drop. Conversely, if the supply side gets decreased, the demand increases, and the value of the product with it’s associated price also gets increased.” And don’t forget you’re living in a hyper-competitive world.

Uh oh, am I sounding like a professor or something?

Gosh! I’ve been such a dry creature so far. Okay! Let me leave the podium and get to the point.

So what’s the solution Amin, how can I get myself out of this baffling situation? You ask.

Well, here’s the good news for you. There is an easy and best of all 100% workable technique to get you out of this rat race. And yes, it creates your own brand. That means success on spinning wheels.

“Create a theme product or service for your niche market”.

Sidebar Note: How to make a theme product is the subject of part II of this article.

I’ve already stated the implication of supply/demand in your business strategy. Now consider if there’s absolutely no supply of any product, but you can identify a human need in an existing market. Boy! You just broke the bank.

That’s exactly what happened with Amazon.com. That’s what happened with Yahoo. That’s what happened with a host of success stories that has glaring effects on our minds.

Yahoo is perhaps the best example to demonstrate the power of filling a gap in an existing market. In marketing lingo, Yahoo identified a market niche.

Everybody knows it was a basement startup. But since Yahoo sensed, anticipated, and then fulfilled a basic need of people wanting to get exposure through a workable means, it went beyond success limits.

Yahoo didn’t maintain the top 10 or 20 search engine positions, rather it pioneered the search engine directory itself. People have no choice but to submit their site URLs in the Yahoo directory. By the way, have you heard of Yahoo? Okay! Okay! You got it. :-)

I’m certainly not saying that everybody on the planet posess the same mindset like Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, or Tim Koogle of Yahoo. But as Jim Rohn once said “Human beings have the remarkable ability to turn nothing into something. They can turn weeds into gardens and pennies into fortunes”, you can be sure not to loose hope.

Think about it. Does it make sense to you selling over-saturated products aimlessly to the masses? Especially when there exists a cut-throat competition? Look outside the window. Sometimes if guns don’t work, it’s always a good idea to make use of a cannon.

Imagine the tremendous power of identifying a market niche. Power, that made people phenomenal rich. Power through which companies like Amazon.com and Yahoo were born.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about any underlying technical glitches in carving your own niche. Today’s technology makes it super easy for you to put your business up and running within no time. Yahoo certainly didn’t have this luxury. Yahoo also didn’t submit it’s URL in any search engine at the time when it was created.

All you need is a new theme, an idea, or a proposal which sets *you* apart from the crowd. And amazingly, the idea does not and should not have to be super-duper.

Remember, simple things work best in life.

Now if you’re telling me you can’t come up with an idea or a particular concept, you’re falling back in the shadows of darkness. Don’t let yourself scared about it.

Do you know on the internet even the craziest ideas with focused themes have created fortunes. You too can do it. There are no ifs and buts.

Before I reveal the absolute *truth* about online success, I want you to read this quote very carefully:

Winners don’t do different things,
…they do things differently!

When I first read this quote, it didn’t get much of my attention. But as I continue to work on the Web, and my experience with Internet marketing grew substantially, I made it my success yardstick.

As you continue to read this article in it’s intended logical flow, you will realize why “doing things differently” in simple terms, have special meanings on the Web.

Once you understand this concept and build your business around it, driving that new red Ferrari on the streets of San Francisco will no longer be your dream. There’s a lot more money to be made that way, but only if you do put in an honest effort to make it happen.

Don’t worry, there’s no rocket science here. In fact the whole idea is so simple that an average joe can easily get hold of the entire concept. And it’s because of this simplicity, the technique is so easily ignored by many budding entrepreneurs.

Curious? Read on…

Over here, we’ll go a step further to find out what exactly is a theme based business. How to successfully build it using simple down to earth techniques. Ready? Here goes…

Okay, first let’s figure out what exactly is a theme business…

For the purpose of illustration, here’s my definition of “theme business” in it’s proper contextual meaning:

“A theme is focused on a narrowly defined business idea, or concept that takes birth by identifying a human need in an existing market.”

I have been asked by many entrepreneurs the following question repeatedly:

“What makes a successful business online?”

And everytime I answer… “Create a theme based niche business”

But how? Easy. I advise them to go through these steps…

– Find a targeted niche market — where you can find a gap

– Figure out what your potential customer wants

– Develop a product keeping in view her needs, and then

– Offer it to her. Done!

You’re now on your way to create your own theme based niche business.

Now market it aggressively.

And here’s my 7 points foolproof checklist to justify what I say.

1. Search engines are now using a technique called “theme indexing” to index your Web pages, instead of relying much on keyword density, gateway or doorway pages. Now the actual *site relevance* has more chances to get listed on top positions.

2. The No.1 reason why dot-coms have gone dot-bombs is because they tried to be everything to everyone. (Source: Forrester Research, ALL industry experts)

3. Almost all successful businesses operating online are built on focused themes for their respective niche markets. Doubts?

4. Managing a focused theme n-business saves time, money and human capital as it eliminates any overheads usually associated with broad-focused businesses.

5. A focused theme n-business is the best bet for a small guy since it sets you apart from the crowd if you have any useful, distinct product or service to offer. A unique selling proposition, or USP in this case can bring an instant fortune for you.

6. A theme based n-business takes much greater advantage of word-of-mouth marketing and your referrals will be compounded within a smaller, more loyal and appreciative group of like-minded people.

7. Once a successful focused theme based n-business is built… you can do the following to make your business MORE functional and profitable:

a) Automate it

b) Expand your focus, or create a sub-niche out of your existing n-business

c) Diversify into completely separate niches to have multiple income streams

d) Repeat if necessary

Remember, the above 7 point checklist is just the tip of the ice-berg to make you realize how important a theme based n-business is for you right now.

So, are you beginning to get the picture?

There’s an enormous amount of wealth that can be made using this technique. People who have realized its potential are all making BIG bucks. Tell me… can you really afford to overlook this grand opportunity?

No way!

NOW is the perfect time that you should seriously think and understand what works, and what doesn’t. Make your business another successful dot-com, not dot-bomb.

So whats the bottom line?

Don’t even bother of thinking to start a generic business i.e., a business with everything-to-everyone approach. Remember, you’ll be lured by the temptation it creates of having a global audience, with the potential of earning unlimited profits.

The fact is if you go the generic way, you’ll be another dot-bomb. Don’t waste your time and money on that. With my above 7 points foolproof checklist, it should now be crystal clear that your success is in creating a theme based niche business.

Scoop up your share of the market by going after a well-crafted niche market with a strong unique selling proposition.

By positioning your personality, product, and/or service in your customers mind differently, such that their specific needs are met, is the way to earn a fortune. Believe me, your success is at spinning wheels, all you need to do is drive-it your way. I have given you the keys.

Good luck!

Amin Khan of http://www.NicheChallenge.com is the active soul for helping you develop a successful niche based business. Subscribe his FREE ezine ‘The LASER’ to join the select group of pros who are driving the Net for success. Send a blank email to: majordomo@NicheChallenge.com with the word “subscribe laser” (without quotes) in the body of your email.

Success at Spinning Wheels — The Insider Story
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About Amin Khan
Amin Khan of http://www.NicheChallenge.com is the active soul for helping you develop a successful niche based business. Subscribe his FREE ezine 'The LASER' to join the select group of pros who are driving the Net for success. Send a blank email to: majordomo@NicheChallenge.com with the word "subscribe laser" (without quotes) in the body of your email. WebProNews Writer
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