Subscription Base Revenue Stream for Blogs – PixelPass

    July 20, 2005

I just stumbled upon PixelPass – a method of adding an income stream to your blog where your readers pay a small monthly fee to subscribe to your content.

Subscriptions are never more than $2 per moth and allow readers to access your whole blog.

Link: PixelPass

I’m not sure that a system like this would work for most blogs – however in some of the following circumstances it could just work out:

  • if you have a committed readership on a niche topic which isn’t available elsewhere for free
  • if you have an incredibly high profile and are a must read’ on your topic
  • if you have a premium section to your blog that offers real value
  • I’m sure there will be other circumstances that might make a subscription revenue stream possible – but I wouldn’t recommend it in most cases.

    found via SEO Scoop

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