StumbleUpon: Our Data Shows Referrals Have Increased Since July

    November 7, 2012
    Chris Crum
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On Tuesday, we reported on some data Shareaholic released, indicating that the traffic StumbleUpon sends to publishers has decreased by 53% since July. Um, not so fast, says Stumbleupon.

StumbleUpon Director of Communications Mike Mayzel tells WebProNews, “We do not agree with the Shareaholic data. Our internal data shows that since July the number of Stumbles and referral traffic have increased over that timeframe.”

“We have reached out to Shareaholic to better understand their methodology,” he adds. “Moving forward, we believe our redesigned web site and mobile apps will continue to deliver the best content discovery experience on the Web for our community and our partners.”

It doesn’t look like Shareaholic has updated its report so far.

Earlier this week, we reported that StumbleUpon removed the Explore Box from its toolbar, so it does appear that StumbleUpon wants to generate more traffic to its own site.

  • http://shareaholic.com Janet Aronica

    Hey there! It’s Janet – I run our marketing for Shareaholic and wrote up our report. Happy to chat with anyone from Stumbleupon – I haven’t heard anything yet though :(. To be honest though I might have missed a phone call. I forgot my phone at home today.

    If anyone sees this please feel free to shoot me an email: jaronica@shareaholic.com. Always happy to talk about our data.

    Thanks so much,

    Janet Aronica
    Head of Marketing

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Thanks, Janet. I’ll pass the message on.

      • http://shareaholic.com Janet Aronica

        Thank you, Chris! And thanks for your write-up in the first place :)