StumbleUpon Makes Big Improvements to Toolbar

    August 3, 2009
    Chris Crum

A while back, StumbleUpon launched web stumbling, which allowed users to enjoy their StumbleUpon experience without having to download the toolbar, which was previously a requirement. If you’ve been a user of the service for a significant length of time, you’ve probably grown quite accustomed to that toolbar. Sometimes I forget it’s not just part of Firefox.

For those of you who do use the toolbar (and for those who want to give it a try), the company has now released an updated version, which is more compact, and offers some new features. They’ve made the bar shorter, which was a common request. They’ve condensed some of the buttons, so that the toolbar takes up less space.

The new toolbar also comes with new options to report spam and duplicate content. These have been added to the "thumbs-down" menu. StumbleUpon says this will help improve the quality of users’ stumbles.

New StumbleUpon Toolbar

New StumbleUpon Toolbar

All of the Stumble Channels now reside under the "All" button. "If you want to use specific Stumble channels like StumbleThru, Stumbling in your favorite topics or through other Stumblers’ favorites, you can find all these options and more under All," the StumbleUpon Team explains.

The toolbar also now offers integration with Twitter and Facebook, allowing users to post their favorite sites to these social networks. This of course supports StumbleUpon’s recently released URL shortening service

Webmasters, marketers, and business owners should not overlook the fact that StumbleUpon is a valuable tool for getting traffic and links. This has become even more the case in recent times as the company has made some important changes. More on that here.