StumbleUpon Enhances Web Stumbling

    April 28, 2009
    Chris Crum

A while back, StumbleUpon released web stumbling, which is the ability to use the service without having to download the toolbar that has accompanied it for years. The company has now announced some features that expand upon this. The StumbleUpon Team shares them with WebProNews:

1.  Fully Personalized Experience – Now you can expect the same high-quality and personalized recommendations that you receive from your downloaded toolbar.  And you can access it from any computer, and from any browser… just visit and login to get a personalized stumbling experience.

2. Web Stumbling syncs with your toolbar activity – Use Web Stumbling to rate, review and share content and all your activities will be saved for you in your profile and will influence your future recommendations.  For example, Web Stumbling in Safari or Opera would use ratings given using the Firefox or IE toolbars, and anything you rate will improve your recommendations on any platform.

3. Enhancements to Sharing – When sharing websites while Web Stumbling, you now have the ability to share with several friends at once, post sites directly to your Facebook profile, and even have conversations about the websites you share with your friends.   

Web Stumbling

StumbleUpon recently announced it was breaking away from eBay, which acquired it in 2007. StumbleUpon’s Head of Marketing Katie Sween discussed this a bit as well as the new web stumbling features and some other things in the following interview from ad:tech.

Upon the announcement of the companies’ separation, StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp had this to say:

"This change makes it possible for StumbleUpon to continue to innovate and focus on becoming the Web’s largest recommendation service."

Innovation is going to be key for StumbleUpon now that it has some direct competition from Digg with the controversial but popular (depending on who you ask) DiggBar.