StumbleUpon’s Most Stumbled Upon Content Of 2011

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StumbleUpon has put together a year-end compilation, giving us a glimpse of what people have been stumbling upon throughout the year.

This year, StumbleUpon introduced the “explore box,” which gives users a way to stumble through content based a topic keyword of their choosing. The top terms from that feature have so far been (and it’s unclear whether this is the actual ranking):

1. love
2. funny
3. tattoo
4. games
5. diy
6. wedding
7. harry potter
8. hair
9. recipes
10. food

StumbleUpon also has the ability to stumble specifically through videos and photos. Here was the most stumbled video:

The top photo went to this bubble being popped at

The most popular mobile stumbles were photography site on Android and on iOS. The most stumbled on smartphones was “True Facts” at, and on tablets, “Expectations v.s Reality” at

Here, StumbleUpon also breaks it down by top stumbles for men and women, and the “most ____ stumble” of 2011 for the following adjectives: delicious, inspring, amusing, astounding, shared, beautiful, popular music and adorable.

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